BULLDOG Towing Products

Gooseneck hitches, gooseneck couplers, trailer couplers and Wedge-Latch™ elements feature a high-strength, heavy-duty design that makes them the toughest trailer components available today. BULLDOG jacks in particular are built with uncompromising strength and materials engineered to hold up under rigorous working conditions.

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    Trailer Couplers

    Bulldog trailer couplers are the standard by which all others are measured. No other competitor offers the combination of heavy-duty materials, unique features and replaceable parts for outstanding performance and long life. That’s why Bulldog is the right selection for your heavy-duty towing needs. 

    All Bulldog couplers offer a range of safety and convenience features:

    • Adjustable lock nut for proper ball tension

    • Locking hole in coupler handle

    • Positive locking trigger

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    Trailers Locks

    We offer a durable range of hitch, coupler, and door locks to keep your trailer and your cargo connected to your truck.

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    Trailer Jacks

    Bulldog Trailer Jacks are the unquestionable leader in the trailer industry. Since 1919, Bulldog has been manufacturing the industry’s most trusted products for heavy duty applications. When choosing a trailer jack, it’s crucial to be sure you’ve picked the right equipment for your needs. 

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    Trailer Winches

    BULLDOG™ Utility Duty Winches are compact, lightweight, and flexible, yet they’re sturdy tools capable of handling a wide variety of applications with ease. They’re always reliable and ready for action when you need to load a trailer, position cargo, or move a vehicle.

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