Marshalltown Tools

Today, MARSHALLTOWN offers its familiar “brick red” handles on hundreds of tools, including trowels, tuck pointers, jointers and sled runners, hawks, taping knives, joint and putty knives, edgers, groovers, floats and darbies, chisels, rasps, tapers, utility knives, sanders, squeegees, texture guns, seam rollers, saws, and scrapers. To its customers and others in the industry, the company is known for the best tools and it is known by one name—MARSHALLTOWN.

Drywall & Plastering
  • 12622 125 125

    Trowels Drywall & Plastering

    Shop for these drywall and plastering trowels. Find a high carbon steel, a stainless steel, and a Venetian plastering trowel.  

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  • 10884 125 125

    Joint Knives

    Shop for drywall and plastering joint knives for finishing. Choose from a DuraSoft®, plastic or Soft Grip handle. 

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    Corner Trowels

    Find MARSHALLTOWN drywall and plastering inside and outside corner trowels.   

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    Mud Mixers & Scoops

    Shop for a variety of tools for mixing drywall muds, paints and other materials, including bucket dippers, scoops, and mud mashers, as well as die-cast, fan blade, eggbeater and ribbon style mixers.  

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Masonry & Bricklaying
  • 10123 125 125

    Brick Trowels

    MARSHALLTOWN brick trowels for masonry have long been known for quality and continues to be the preferred trowel among bricklayers around the world.  

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  • 15522 125 125

    Brick Jointers

    Shop for a MARSHALLTOWN masonry and bricklaying brick jointer. These jointers are made from high carbon steel and come in a variety of sizes.   

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  • 11113 125 125

    Pointing Trowels

    MARSHALLTOWN offers a wide variety of pointing trowels. Choose a London or a Philadelphia style. These brick hand tools are also available with a DuraSoft® handle.  

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  • 10232 125 125

    London Style

    MARSHALLTOWN London Style trowels for masonry and bricklaying are available in a variety of sizes. These tools feature DuraSoft®, leather, plastic and standard wood handles. 

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  • 10248 125 125

    Wide London Style

    Find a MARSHALLTOWN Wide London style brick trowel for masonry. These trowels are available in several sizes and handle options.  

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  • 10109 125 125

    Philadelphia Style

    Shop for a MARSHALLTOWN Philadelphia style brick trowel for masonry. These trowels are available in several sizes and handle options. 

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  • 11317 125 125

    Tuck Pointers

    MARSHALLTOWN has a wide variety of tuck pointers. These brick and masonry tools are available with DuraSoft® and wood handles.  

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  • octagonhandle

    Octagon Handles

    See a wide selection of concrete handles from MARSHALLTOWN. Find swaged octagon handles, push-button handle sections and more.

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  • nylonbrush

    Nylon Concrete Brooms

    The MARSHALLTOWN green nylon finishing broom features memory resistant bristles and provides unmatched strength and durability.

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  • octagonrake

    Octagon Placers

    These octagon placers offer greater grip than standard come along rakes. 

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  • finishingtrowel

    Finishing Trowels

    Look to MARSHALLTOWN for high-quality concrete finishing trowels. To achieve a smooth texture, pick a blue steel, high carbon or stainless steel concrete finishing trowel. We also have more styles and sizes of trowels available.

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  • handfloat

    Hand Floats

    MARSHALLTOWN concrete hand floats are available in a number of sizes and with many handle options.  

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  • Screeds


    MARSHALLTOWN concrete screeds are available in a variety of styles, including aluminum combo darbies, magnesium alloy screeds and more.

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  • Bullfloat

    Bull Float

    From broken-in magnesium bull floats to magnesium channel to aluminum floats, we are confident you will find the concrete tool you need to do the job.

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  • handtamper

    Hand Tampers-Asphalt

    Choose from all steel or wood handled tampers to flatten and smooth dirt, stone, asphalt or other materials.

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  • sealingcoatingbroom

    Sealing Coating Brooms

    Shop for a MARSHALLTOWN heavy duty seal coater broom. These asphalt seal coating brooms are ideal to apply sealant.

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  • asphaltlute

    Asphalt Lutes

    These asphalt lutes come with either blunt, sharp or plain blades so you can choose which is best for the job. 

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  • asphaltsqueegee

    Asphalt Squeegees

    Look to MARSHALLTOWN to find an asphalt squeegee with the curved, straight or heavy-duty blade you prefer.   

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  • cracksqueegee

    Crack Squeegees

    MARSHALLTOWN offers both U and V-shaped asphalt crack squeegees to best fit the job.  

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Exterior Insulations and Finishing System (EIFS)
  • Angletrowel

    Angle Trowels

    MARSHALLTOWN offers a selection of 45 degree angle trowels so you can handle all of your EIFS finishing tasks.  

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  • Brushes


    Get brushes for EIFS. Choose from acid brushes, Beaver Tail brushes and more.

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  • cornertrowel

    Corner Trowels

    MARSHALLTOWN offers a selection of inside corner and outside corner trowels so you can handle all of your EIFS finishing tasks.   

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  • featheredge

    Featheredges, Slickers, Miter Rods

    MARSHALLTOWN magnesium featheredges and slickers are the ideal tools for achieving that flawless, smooth finish.

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  • Sponges


    The HYDRA SPONGE is the preferred sponge by EIFS and stucco professionals. These EIFS sponges wash out clean and dry soft. The Turtleback cellulose sponge contains flax for added strength and absorbency.

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  • mudmasher

    Mud Mixers & Scoops EIFS

    Let MARSHALLTOWN get you the Exterior Insulations and Finishing System (EIFS) tools you need such as mixers, mud mashers, bucket dippers and scoops.  

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  • ornamentaltools

    Ornamental Tools - EIFS

    Get ornamental tools for EIFS and stucco. These ornamental tools are ideal for work in small areas.

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  • puttyknives

    Putty Knives

    MARSHALLTOWN offers a full line of putty knives. Choose a plastic putty knife, a putty knife with a DuraSoft handle and others that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

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