Rental Terms & Conditions

Credit Approval

A Credit Application must be submitted and approved for any open account rentals. New accounts or cash-only accounts, a deposit will be required and a credit card received and charged with prior approval in the amount of the expected rental. Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover will be accepted.

Delivery Charges

Pat Kelly Equipment Company offers rental equipment pick-up and delivery to your job for an additional charge. Roll-off Delivery Truck - $1.50 minute or $90.00 per hour Tractor Trailer - $1.75 minute or $105.00 per hour plus tax.

Insurance Liability

Coverage must be assured for all risks and liability, from loss or all damages, from injuries or death to persons or property arising out of the use, possession, or transportation of rental equipment. Minimum limits of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit.

Physical Damage

Rental equipment must be insured for full values against all risks or physical damage and loss, including vandalism and theft.

The lessee's Certificate of Insurance must be delivered prior to the delivery of equipment. Pat Kelly Equipment Company must be named as additional insured on all boom trucks, aerial lift equipment, forklifts, carry deck cranes, crawlers, excavators, and rollers. Coverage includes the collapse, collision, and overload of boom and jib of crane.

Rental Rates

A one-day rental is based on eight (8) hours maximum use within a 24-hour period. A one-week rental is based on (40) hours use in a (7) day period. One-month rental is based on (160) hours of use in a (28) day period. If Lessee makes greater use of the equipment, it is agreed that the additional usage will be charged as follows; additional hours or late returns will be charged at 1/8 the daily rate per hour, two-shift usage will be charged at one and one half time regular rental rates and three-shift usage will be charged at twice the regular rental rate. Multiple shift usage must be agreed upon by Lessee and Lessor in writing in advance. Rental rates begin when the equipment leaves the lessor's yard and end when the equipment is returned to the lessor's yard.

Rental Maintenance and Repairs

Our equipment will be delivered to the lessee in good operating condition and should be returned in the same condition as delivered, less normal wear and tear. Lessee is responsible for the normal maintenance and lubrication, such as oil changes and filters during the rental period. The equipment will be delivered full of fuel. Fuel used will be charged accordingly. All repairs required due to abuse or negligence will be charged to the lessee upon return of damaged rental equipment. Rental will continue until repairs are complete on equipment damaged from abuse or negligence. All charges for abnormal clean-up will also be charged to the lessee.

Conversion Information

Should the lessee wish to purchase rented equipment, a rental-purchase option may be negotiated with the understanding, payments are timely (paid within term) and all non-warrantable repairs and maintenance during the rental period will be added to the conversion price.

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