Kraft Tools

Kraft Tool’s product line is manufactured for the Professional Craftsman. Kraft tools are created for everyday use by the professional cement finisher, brick mason, asphalt paver, tile setter, plasterer or drywall craftsman.

Asphalt Tools
  • GG871

    Lutes & Rakes

    Heavy-duty asphalt lute for moving asphalt and other materials. The lute is constructed from Extru-Lite™ magnesium for longevity and strength. Versatile rakes for road work or heavy-duty landscaping. Forged steel head and teeth provide support when moving stones, gravel, and other asphalt materials.

  • GG876 01

    Seal Coat Brush

    Use the durable, medium stiff palmyra bristles to sweep the area to prep it for coatings and sealants. The strength of the bristles and scrubbing action is perfect for asphalt applications. The natural bristles are acid and chemical resistant for use with cleaning solvents or applying coating materials.

  • GG868

    Shovels & Rakes

    These multipurpose shovels and rake are lightweight with a rustproof blade. The aluminum or steel blades are strong yet sturdy to minimize fatigue when moving materials. Equipped with your choice of hardwood lacquered or fiberglass handle. These versatile tools provide ease of use when transferring and lifting materials.  

  • GG638

    Sledge Hammers

    Double-faced sledge hammerhead comes in either 8 or 10 pounds. The double face allows for use on either side. Your choice of lacquered hardwood or fiberglass handle. Great for demolition for refurbishments.

  • GG961

    Pour Pot

    This 2.5 gallon, heavy gauge steel pour pot is an easy way to fill asphalt cracks with hot or cold crack filler. The pour pot is constructed with strong welds to stand up to the rigors of the job site. The convenient stand up design minimizes stooping while patching asphalt. The 3-size pouring nozzle allows the user to apply the perfect amount of filler for the job. The easy-to-use control valve top has a fingertip control. A convenient squeeze to open and release to close releases the material onto the pavement.

  • CC921


    This heavy-duty steel Tamper will get the biggest jobs done! The 10" x 10" or 8" x 8" square head creates a strong base for flattening and leveling asphalt, dirt and other materials. The tool is designed as for rugged professional use.

  • GG844


    • Made of lightweight aluminum
    • Rubber blade clamped to head for easy change or reverse of blade
    • Aluminum Blade Support
    • Includes braces for Support

    Hardware & Neoprene Replacement Blades also sold separately 

Bricklaying Tools
  • RO116 9

    Brick Trowels

    • Each blade is hand polished for comfort and flexibility
    • Limber, more flexible blade
  • BL764

    Caulking/Tuck Pointer Trowels

    • Tempered, ground and polished for perfect balance
    • Ideal for tuck pointing
  • WL013

    Grout Bag

    • Made from heavy-duty vinyl
    • Includes metal Tip
    • Holds enough volume to reduce refills
    • Excellent for masonry and tile grouting
  • BL151

    Masonry Hammers

    Specialty masonry hammers made of forged and tempered steel for high-performance and durability. 

  • BL262

    Brick Jointers

    The shape of the tool is designed to provide knuckle clearance as you move along the joints. The Brick Jointer is formed from high grade carbon steel for strength. Use this jointer to create an inverted half round mortar joint in brick or block. 

  • SLLB2

    Line Blocks

    Create an even brick or block line with line blocks. Secure the 4" block on the outside corners of your masonry project to with the line knotted to hold it in place. Retighten the line as you lay down each new course.

  • GG433

    Margin Trowels

    A great tool to have on your job site for mixing, digging or scraping. The 5" blade and tang are forged as one-piece for strength and flexibility. The margin trowel is then tempered, ground and polished for perfect balance. 

  • BL526

    Masonry Brushes

    This versatile utility brush features long-wearing white tampico fibers that can be used on mason, brick, tile, stone, and more. Tampico fibers are acid, alkali, and heat resistant for use with a variety of materials. The porous fibers hold water for cleaning or application purposes. These fibers are great for applying materials to rough surfaces like roofing, asphalt, concrete, and masonry surfaces. 

  • GG462

    Utility Pail

    • Won't rust, dent, leak or chip
    • Are not affected by heat, cold, acids, alkalis and most other chemicals
  • WL050

    Handled Tool Bag

    • Economical 20" wide canvas tool bag
    • Lightweight but sturdy
  • GG422

    Pointing Trowels

    This versatile tool ideal scraping, digging, mixing or repair work is a must-have in every tool bag. The 4"x 2" pointed blade and tang is forged from one piece of steel for strength. Forging assures product consistency with high integrity that won't weaken or crack. The blade is tempered and ground for flexibility. Each blade is then polished to keep mortar centered on the blade and resist material from sliding. The smooth wood handle is balanced for ease of use. 

Concrete Tools
  • CC187

    Concrete Brushes

    Strong bristles hold up under the tough conditions. Use on concrete and wood floors. Accepts broom threaded extension handles. Hardware, handles, & brush heads sold separately as well. 

  • CC290

    Bullfloat Brackets & Adapters

    • Made of rugged lightweight aluminum
    • Pitch of blade controlled by turning handle
    • Use with Converter Plate (CC287) to fit 4-Hole Bull Floats
  • CC044

    Bull Floats

    The perfect tool for many jobs such as flatwork, paving for an especially flat surface. Made of Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium, which is 30% lighter than aluminum. The extruded magnesium makes for an extra strong float. The 120" x 6" round end float is properly balanced to prevent digging into concrete as it finishes. The 2" sides produce the channel for which the tool is named. This special design creates a stiffer, more rigid blade that resists warping to improve flatness for smoothing paving work. 

  • CF161


    The long stainless steel blade moves smoothly along edges of concrete roads and slabs. This edger creates the edge of concrete slabs to prevent the edges from chipping with wear. The tool provides the perfect amount of coverage for highways, sidewalks, and other large projects. A steel mounting welded to blade attaches the smooth wood handle. Proudly made in the USA.

  • CFE222L

    Concrete Trowels

    Designed and engineered for the professional finisher. High-quality carbon steel finishing trowel features a precision ground edge ready for immediate use. Each trowel is made with state of the art machinery that grinds the blade to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. Greater flexibility and durability reduces fatigue when finishing concrete. A high-strength, lightweight aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of cement work. 

  • CF222

    Finishing Trowels

    Professional quality carbon steel concrete trowel is precision balanced and ready-to-use. Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. The square blade finishes all the way to the corners to complete projects large and small. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of cement work. 

  • CC196

    Flat Wire Texture Brooms

    A popular tool to creates non-skid surfaces on highways, bridges, airport runways, ramps, driveways, and cattle pens. The Flat Wire Texture Broom produces a uniform rough groove surface on roads and bridges for maximum traction and to keep water flowing off the road. In addition to traction and drainage surface tining helps diminish the noise pollution created with traffic.

  • CF076


    Extruded magnesium hand float designed for superb floating action on cement. The magnesium blade features beveled edges to give this float the perfect "broken-in" feel. The wide round ends prevent the blade from gouging the surface. Magnesium blade features an option with beveled edges and smooth rounded corners that give this float the perfect "broken-in" feelDurable, lightweight magnesium smooths and levels concrete before finishing. The smooth magnesium blade opens up the pores on the surface to allow proper evaporation. 

  • CC214

    Floor Scrapers & Squeegees

    This multi-purpose tool cleans and shaves excess material from concrete and wood surfaces. This heavy-duty scraper is ideal for after work clean up. The blade is firm but flexible providing the proper amount of give for floor work. The replaceable blade is securely attached with four bolts. The 60" shovel-type wood handle provides excellent leverage when scraping. Use the squeegee for moving materials such as sealants or water during clean-up. The durable neoprene blade is safe up to 220°F.

  • CC625


    • Great for making safety grooves
    • Carbon steel blade with rounded corners
  • CC636

    Fresno Trowels

    This Fresno trowel is made of high quality tempered carbon steel for a perfect finish. Round ends eliminate marking and gouging of concrete. Square steel mounting reinforces the Fresno blade extending the life of the tool. 

  • CC289SB

    Handles & Adapters

    This lightweight aluminum button bull float handle features a diameter for easy handling. Blue anodized aluminum prevents hands from turning black caused by oxidation. Swaged design fits multiple handles together without extra inserts. The nesting design secures the handle to brackets and other handles for an extended reach.

  • CC106


    The original concrete spreader! This concrete spreader features a lightweight steelhead. The thick head is made of steel to provide rigidity but keeps the tool lightweight. Cold rolled steel is used to provide a superior finish, straightness, and tolerance to the head. The blade is angled with an optimal curve to easily push and pull material into place as the user moves, spreads, and levels concrete.

  • CF279B

    Pool Trowels

    Professional quality blue steel pool trowel is precision balanced and ready-to-use. High-quality blue spring steel has the perfect amount of "give" which allows for a more flexible blade when finishing. Each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension for that perfect feel. Rounded edges prevent surface gouging while finishing the cement. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of concrete work.

  • CF263

    Replacement Handles

    Replacement handles and hardware available for all handheld concrete tools. 

  • CF283

    Rub Bricks

    This fluted silicon carbide rub brick makes dressing down concrete fast and easy. The fluted brick is on a diagonal, which provides sharp edges to help with stubborn materials while carrying away the excess debris. Attached to a contoured plastic handle to minimize fatigue. Preferred by finishers for its ease of use.

  • CC710

    Screeds & Straightedges

    • A lightweight durable, accurate straightedge and checking tool
    • Easy to handle, which makes inspection easy
  • CF124

    Step Tools

    Specialized concrete step finishing tools, made of stainless steel.

  • CF663PF

    Capping Tools

    Extra lightweight magnesium hand float is a great tool for floating in small areas such as stairs and the top of wall forms. Extruded magnesium hand float designed for superb floating action. The magnesium blade features beveled edges and smooth rounded corners that gives this float the perfect broken-in feel. The square ends floats all the way to the forms and fits corners. 

Drywall/Plastering Tools
  • PL425

    Drywall Trowels

    Professional quality stainless steel drywall trowel is precision balanced and ready-to-use. The stainless steel blade won't rust, pit, or stain. Each blade features a curved blade for finishing drywall joints. The square blade finishes all the way to the corners to complete projects large and small. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of drywall work.

  • DW528

    Joint Knives

    The flexible carbon steel blade is ground and mirror polished for a professional finish. The narrow blade allows for applying putty or joint compound or smoothing down drywall repairs. A steel rivet secures the blade to the handle. Sturdy construction allows for scraping paint and walls. 

  • DC363

    Mud Mixers

    Ideal for fast mixing of all kinds of materials, from paint to cement. The unique design mixes materials quickly. The head is welded to the shaft for strength. 

  • DW212

    Mud Pans

    Heavy-duty plastic mud pan for all your taping needs. Tapered ends allow for easy movements with your joint knives into the mud. The base measures 10" to easily fit 10" or smaller taping and joint knives. One edge of the pan features a replaceable steel wiping blade to quickly clean your knife. The plastic resists chemicals and won't corrode or rust. 

  • PL612PF

    Plaster Trowels

    • Aluminum mounting and is made from a special plastic for better wear
    • For special projects requiring trowels that won't blacken material
  • DC317ASM

    Pole Sanders & Handles

    Lightweight pole sander has a padded face to create a uniform sanding surface. The bracket moves 180 degrees for ease of movement on walls and ceilings. Can use with most threaded broom handles. Fits pre-cut sandpaper or a half of a 8”x 11” sheet.

  • HC528

    Putty Knives

    • Designed for Drywall and putty
    • Carbon blades ground for flexibility with nylon handle
  • HC537


    • Stainless steel bent scrapers with single bevel
    • Molded, threaded can be used with standard threaded handle
  • DW908SS

    Taping Knives

    The flexible blue steel blade provides a professional finish for your taping needs. The blade allows for some flexibility when applying putty or joint compound, smoothing down drywall repairs, or any of your taping needs. The Deluxe knife features a strong, rustproof aluminum mounting. The secure mounting provides a sturdiness not found in most drywall knives. The handle is secured to the mounting with no wobble.

  • DW042

    Utility Knives

    • Blade will not slip, retractable blade can be adjusted to 3 positions
    • Light but rugged aluminum body, includes 3 blades
Sands Level & Tool®, Inc.
  • SLMA24


    In 2005 Kraft Tool Co.® purchased Sands Level & Tool Co.® and continues to manufacture every tool with the same quality and precision as in 1895. The Sands Level and Tool line features a wide range of levels including professional mahogany levels, contractor levels, and torpedo and specialty levels.

  • SLA100R


    Whether you are a woodworker, carpenter, bricklayer or other tradesman, Sands are sure to have the T-Squares to complete your job.

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