Kenco has been providing quality and durable attachments for the construction industry since 1984, engineering pipe tongs, scissor lifts, wall clamps, Slab Crabs, and much more. Other competitive models can't compete with the strength and durability of lifting devices by Kenco.

 We carry...Barrier Lift, Curb Lifter, Forklift Adapter, Monument Lifter, MultiLift, Pipelift, Pipe Hook, Slablift, Superlift, Rocklift, Brush Grapple, Brush & Debris Rake, Hardrock Bucket, Concrete Pulverizer, Hardrock Grapple, Hardrock Thumb, Plate Compactor, Quick Coupler, Ripper, Rotary Compactor, Slab Crab, Slash Blade, Wedgebolt Coupler, Brush Rake, Loader Bucker, Wheel Loader Accessories, Snow Plow Blade, Skid Steer and Backhoe Attachments.

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