Brunner & Lay Breaker Tools

With facilities on three continents, Brunner & Lay is the world’s largest manufacturer of paving breaker tools, and their products have been used to build some of the most famous structures on Earth. Their goal is to provide cost-effective and safe solutions to our customers that help increase their productivity while contributing to worldwide growth and prosperity.

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    Points & Chisels

    These are the most popular all-purpose tools. Contractors, Public Utilities, Municipalities and other users depend upon this for their everyday concrete breaking needs.



    Blade Tool are the answer on how to remove granite bricks from the streets without breaking the blocks, breaking curbing on city streets, cutting asphalt or frozen earth, leveling prior resurfacing, cutting clay and hardpan, trenching, trimming, and general excavation. 


    Chipping Hammer Tools

    Chipping Hammer Tools are for use in lightweight pneumatically operated hammers and are designed with a retainer collar to promote safety. These tools are available with either a round or oval collar. Point and Flat Chisels are the tools used for concrete work and constitute the bulk of the total usage of Chipping Hammer Tools.


    Rivet Busters

    Rivet Buster Tools, originally designed for structural steelwork, are now seeing wide acceptance as demolition tools in the construction industry. Their unique long piston stroke delivers a very powerful blow and is a favorite tool for bridge demolition and concrete removal


    Electronic Hammer Tools

    Electric hammers fit into the same general size category as the pneumatic chipping hammers and are used for the same purposes. They have become extremely popular in the construction industry and we produce a full range of tools to meet this demand. These tools will fit into the demolition and rotary type hammers supplied by such companies as Black & Decker, Bosch, Kango, Metabo, Milwaukee, and others.



    The Whirlibit is a carbide inserted chisel tip accessory tool designed by Brunner & Lay specifically for dowel hole drilling. Drilling hole sizes range from 1/2" to 1-1/2", with drilling depths made to your requirements. Whirlibits are available in both Shanked Steel Whilrlibit and C-9 Whirlibit. The Whirlibit is the most economical solution for dowel hole drilling


    Hollow Drill Steel

    This threaded drill steel is used for all types of hand drilling in conjunction with a specific set of drill bits. It is designed with the shoulder drive connection for easy extraction from the drilled hole. The mating shoulder of the drill steel and the drill bit carry the brunt of the torque, relieving the stress on the threads.


    Shoulder Drive Bits

    The button type tungsten carbide inserts make this the bit of choice for drilling in very hard rock or concrete. Full-size tungsten carbide inserts, which resist gauge wear and abrasion, makes this our most popular item. The design allows for multiple sharpenings and continued reuse until the inserts are consumed


    Steel Bits

    Steel Bits are used in extremely soft grounds for shallow or casual drilling, and in the tapping of steel mill blast furnaces.



    Couplings are used to join shanked steel with appropriate extension steels.


    Coupling Adaptors

    H to D Adaptor.

    Brunner & Lay breaker tools are manufactured from high-quality steel, which is then heat treated in ultra-modern type furnaces to create the hardness, impact strength and durability required to face the arduous conditions found in breaking and chipping requirements.

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