Virnig HMPV84

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  • Functions include dozing, clamming, leveling, and bottom dumping.
  • Large 33” opening for easier, more efficient operation.
  • Design provides effective dozing, while maintaining maximum visibility.
  • HMPV models have 1/4″ shell, 1-2 extra wear bars underneath, additional bracing, 1/2″ hinge structure and reinforcement at rear corners of dozer and quick-tach plate.
  • ¾” x 6” weld-on edge on front of bucket accepts optional edges.
  • Corrosion, dent and flake resistant NitroSteel® cylinder rods made in the USA. Cylinder Guards standard.
  • Commonly called a 4 in 1 bucket.


Overall Bucket Width (Inches) 85.5
Bucket Depth (Inches) 36.3
Bucket Height (Inches) 21.3
Dozer Width (Inches) 83.9
Clam Opening (Inches) 33
Shell Thickness (Inches) 0.25
Hinge Structure Thickness (Inches) 0.5
Structural Wear Bars Underneath Bucket (1/2″ x 4″) 5
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1220
Recommended Loader Capacity  Greater than 2400 pounds

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