Virnig CB750

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  • Quickly pour sidewalks, driveways and other areas inaccessible to trucks.
  • Metal markers welded to inside of bucket show 1/2 or 3/4 yard fill level.
  • Reinforced corners strengthen the sides.


Overall Bucket Width (Inches) 82.5
Bucket Depth (Inches) 44.7
Bucket Height (Inches) 23.7
Maximum Capacity (Cubic Yards) 0.75
Chute Width (Inches) 12.75
Shell Thickness (Inches)  0.19
Structural Wear Bars Under Bucket (1/2″ x 3″)  4
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 630
Recommended Loader Capacity  Attachment weight and load MUST NOT exceed operating capacity of loader.

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