Compact Wheel Loaders


New Holland compact wheel loaders provide a combination of increased versatility, increased comfort, and control so you get the job done more quickly and efficiently. SMART precise load control and speed control improves operating efficiency. And these wheel loaders do much more than load. With the big engine and hydraulic power and a choice of buckets and attachments, you can scrape, grade, haul, and more.

Increased stability for fast, confident operation

A stable compact design allows you to work and maneuver easily in restricted spaces. A lower machine height and lower center of gravity increases the stability of New Holland compact wheel loaders so you can lift and move larger loads, travel smoothly and quickly, and operate with more confidence.

Spacious comfort and smooth control

The roomy cab incorporates a standard LCD display and natural, ergonomic controls.

Fast servicing

Fast, ground-level access to maintenance points and long service intervals reduce the time your operators spend on routine maintenance tasks.

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