Kenco TSL15C3T12

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Kenco offers a variety of lifters suited to monument handling including both horizontal and vertical applications. Monument lifting clamps are designed to safely lift, move and place concrete, marble or granite monuments. The Monument Lifter has a maximum capacity of 1500 pounds.

  • Works on any machine with proper lifting capabilities
  • Our unique actuator allows the lifter to automatically grip and release the stone
  • Elastomer pads ensure a secure grip even on smooth surfaces
  • 3 to 12-inch grip range
  • 1500 lb capacity
  • weighs 115 pounds


WEIGHT 115 pounds/
52.163 kg
CAPACITY 1500 pounds/
680.388 kg
GRIP RANGE 3 – 12 inches
7.62 – 30.48 cm

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