Generac Mobile Products MLT6SMD

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  • Ground-adjustable fixtures for easy and safe lighting adjustments
  • Vertical mast for fast, easy set-up
  • Ergonomic, 2-handled manual winch standard; electric winch option
  • Hitch allows for easy towing and transportation
  • Standard Power Zone Autolight controller for ultimate programmability



  • Mitsubishi diesel engine
  • Durable LED lights are long-lasting and backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Poly enclosure is impact-resistance and easy to clean
  • Each 296W LED fixture can be switched on and off independently
  • Convenience outlets offer auxiliary power for electronics and small tools
  • 23 ft. (7.01 m) steel mast
  • Rated to withstand up to 65 mph (105 kph) winds
  • Up to 6kW of export power for tools and other power needs



  • Extended 750-hour service interval
  • Efficient LED modules consume minimal power
  • Instant-on LED lights allow for faster startups
  • Illuminated controls and trailer running lights enhance visibility and safety
  • Fully rotational mast is safely adjusted from the ground
  • Compact footprint allows for up to 17 towers on a 48' flatbed
  • CSA Approved



  • Mitsubishi® L3E – liquid cooled, diesel engine 
    o Standby - 12.2 hp @ 1800 rpm 
    o Prime - 10.5 hp @ 1800 rpm 
    o 1.0 L displacement, 3 cylinder
    o ECOSpeed™ EPA Final Tier 4 compliant multi-speed operation
  • Polyethylene Fuel Tank:
    o Fuel Type: Diesel
    o Fuel Capacity: 39.9 gal (151.04 L)
    o External 3.5 in. (89 mm) fill port •
  • Fuel Consumption:
    o Lights Only: 0.195 gph (0.738 Lph)*
    o Full Load: 0.549 gph (2.078 Lph)*
    o Maximum Runtime (Lights Only): 205* hours
  • Cooling system allows operation to 120°F (49⁰C) ambient
  • 750-hour** service interval
  • Full flow oil filter, spin on type
  • Dry type cartridge air filter
  • Wind Rating: 65 mph (105 kph)


*Results based on engine manufacturer and field test data after 100-hour engine break-in period and may vary based on factors including age and maintenance of equipment, environmental conditions and fuel density. Consult the Owner's Manual for fuel and maintenance recommendations. **To achieve maximum service interval, replacement of oil filter after 50-hour break-in period is required. Consult Owner’s Manual for required oil filter model number.



  • Marathon Electric® ,Brushless
  • Output:
    o Up to 6kW standby 
    o Up to 5kW (lights on)
  • 120/240 VAC – 50/25A
  • +/-1% automatic voltage regulation



  • Power Zone Autolight Controller 
  • Automated dusk to dawn or 7-day scheduler operation 
  • One touch manual starting 
  • Individual light fixture control 
  • Back-lit LCD display -40ºF/C rated heated display.
  • Three (3) programmable service timers for Fuel Filter, Air Filter and Oil Service 
  • Alarms and comprehensive warnings 
  • Electrical trip or shutdown protection upon fault condition 
  • Key pad controlled electric mast optioned deployment



  • Four (4) 296W LED fixtures 
  • Efficiency: 145 lumens per watt
  • Lumens per fixture: 43,050
  • Total lumens: 172,200
  • Coverage: 19,526 ft2 (1,840 m2) at 0.5 ft-c
  • IP68 LED modules; IP65 rated drivers 
  • Aluminum / Poly construction housing 
  • Fixture-mounted LED drivers
  • 30VDC mast cord and fixture



  • 30A outlet breaker 
  • Individual floodlight circuits with sealed 5A breakers
    o (1) 120 VAC 20 Amp GFCI duplex outlet (NEMA 5-20R type)
    o (1) 240 VAC 30 Amp twist lock outlet (NEMA L6-30R type)
  • Wiring is sized and fused to the amperage draw required
  • 440CCA wet cell battery



  • Vertical mast; 23 ft. (7 m), 5-section with ground adjustable light fixtures 
  • Dual handle manual winch for ease of deployment; electric winch optional 
  • Distinctive angled fixture mount for common light distribution 
  • 359° ground rotational mast with mast fully extended 
  • Industrial black powder coat finish with polymer guides 
  • Self-retracting coiled mast cord



  • Injection-molded hood enclosure with UV protected colorant 
  • Flip hood engine compartment for ease of service 
  • Multi-lingual operating/safety decals 
  • License plate holder with light 
  • Manual holder with operating manual
  • 63 dB(A) @ 23 ft. (7 m) – low speed operation
  • Equipped with single lifting eye and fork pockets



  • Tubular steel frame 
  • Three (3) 1200 lb. (544 kg) tube and sleeve leveling jacks 
  • All jacks transport and lock in position for storage 
  • Side outriggers deployed – 10 ft. (305 cm) span 
  • 7800 lb. (3538 kg) safety chains with spring loaded safety hooks 
  • 2 in. (50.8 mm) ball hitch 
  • Molded polyethylene fenders  
  • DOT approved LED tail, side, brake, and directional lights
  • 2200 lb. (998 kg) leaf spring axle 
  • ST175/80D13 – 6 ply 
  • 47 in. (117 cm) track width

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