Edco TMC-7-5.5 HP

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  • Three-position articulating frame adjustment for left angle, right angle or straight position grinding
  • Four-position dust shroud allows flush grinding against any vertical surface in the left angle, right angle or straight position
  • Multiple-position handle assembly allows the operator to work behind the unit for edge grinding or in front of the unit and control the amount of grinding pressure applied
  • Adjustable tubular handle construction provides operator maximum grinding flexibility and allows for complete clearance of any vertical surface
  • Available with 5.5 HP gasoline engine or with 2.0 HP electric motor
  • Comes standard with Flex Head Assembly, but is also available with optional Rigid Head Assembly for doing gutter work
  • New & improved tapered roller bearings provide less maintenance and longer life


Rigid head assembly

  • Grinding uneven expansion joints, high spots, joint curls and bridge decks
  • Removing coatings
  • Grinding rough concrete surfaces


Flex head assembly

  • Preparing a smooth, flat floor to receive a new coating
  • Removing coatings
  • Grinding rough concrete surfaces
  • Grinding surfaces 4 times faster than a traditional floor grinder


Model TMC-7-5.5 HP
Part# 57100
Phase N/A
Length 40"
Weight 120 lbs
Power Gasoline
Width 24"
Belts Std "V" Belts
Horse Power 5.5 HP
RPM 3150
Height 38.5"

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