Blount International 2430

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  • Optimized weight distribution places more weight on the front axle to increase machine stability in all conditions. Operator comfort is maximized by placing the seat right on the pivot point between the axles.
  • Closed center hydraulic valves and precise engineering of the boom and arch geometry produce high lifting forces. The rugged structures are designed to handle the heavy loads over a long lifespan.
  • NEW continuous rotation grapples for 2432 are designed for maximum durability using box section construction, internal baffles for added strength and cast tips for wear resistance. High clamping forces hold trees better and the tong shape quickly rolls trees up into bundles to increase productivity. Bunching and thinning heads are available to maximize payload and performance.
  • The center section is built with large 7.6 cm (3”) diameter pins and tapered roller bearings top and bottom that will carry the heavy loads and deliver the long life that you expect from Prentice.
  • The operator’s station delivers outstanding visibility all around. Controls are placed for convenient operation and machine functions are monitored with easy to read color-coded gauges and warning lights. The heat/AC system has properly placed vents to direct airflow onto the operator and keep the operator comfortable in all conditions in the air suspension seat.
  • Serviceability is simple with a hydraulic tilting cab, centralized lubrication banks, large easily removable engine side screens and a flip open access panel to check engine oil.
  • An increase from 173 HP to 190HP has resulted in a 6.8% improvement in cycle times, 7% increase in drawbar pull and an average 8.5% boost in load start-up torque. These improvements will result in higher production.
  • BONUS!! 2432 Dual Arch Features: Improved lift height 3.66 m (144”), 52% increase in lift capacity and 71% increase in load holding capacity.



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