Blount International 2491

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The Cat® C9 ACERT™ Tier II high torque engine provides excellent power, fuel economy, serviceability and durability. With 5% greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, and meeting the Tier II emission standards, the Cat C9 ACERT is a dependable performer.

Operator Comfort

The Prentice ZTS Series has a purpose-built forestry cab with heavy-duty guarding, meeting FOPS/ROPS/OPS requirements. Designed for comfortable operation, the cab gives excellent front, side, and rear visibility. Isolation-mounted cab and engine reduce sound levels and vibration for quiet and comfortable operation.


A closed center hydraulic system with electronic programmable controls that produces excellent multi-function capability coupled with a dedicated saw pump.

Boom and Stick

Harvester and feller buncher linkage arrangements are available for all models. All boom and stick structures are stress relieved for extended service life.


Prentice track machines are available with factory-installed felling heads to meet your application needs. Prentice ZTS Series machines utilize high-pressure hydraulics and proven components. All models are available with felling, intermittent or harvesting linkage fronts.


The hydraulically actuated clam-shell service door provides full service access to daily service points simplifying maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance extends machine service life and lowers overall operating costs.

Owning and Operating Costs

Proven fuel efficiency combined with easier access and extended service intervals maximize uptime, reduce operating costs and maximize productivity.


A full line of Prentice processor/harvester heads is available. Consult a Prentice Processing Head spec sheet for specific models and carrier application guide.

Leveling System

The most robust, durable tilt mechanism in the industry provides stability and productivity even in the steepest applications for the 2391 and 2491 models.


Prentice track machines feature a rugged undercarriage custom designed for reliable operation in tough harvesting conditions, from wet bottomlands to steep rocky slopes.


Model 2491
Engine Model Cat C9 ACERT 
Peak Power @ 1800 RPM  211.8 kW / 284 hp
Rated Power @ 2100 RPM 196.1 kW / 263 hp
Displacement  8.8L 
Operating Weights (w/o heads)* 31620 kg (69710 lb)
Operating Weights (w/o heads)** 31450 kg (69340 lb)
Boom System  
Track Feller Buncher Configuration- Max. Reach (w/head) 8.1 m (26 ft 6 in.)
Track Harvester Configuration Max. Reach (w/head)  9.8 m (32 ft)
Track Feller Buncher Configuration - Bare Pin Lift @ Max Reach (w/o head) 7100 kg @ 6.1 m (15,600 lb @ 20 ft
Track Harvester Configuration - Bare Pin Lift @ Max Reach (w/o head)   4100 kg @ 9.0 m (9,100 lb @ 29.5 ft)
Service Refill Capacities  
Fuel Capacity  530 L (140 US gal)
Pony Fuel Tank (optional)  341L  (90 US gal) 
Cooling System  61 L (16.1 US gal)
Engine Oil Capacity 19.9 L (21 US qts)
Hydraulic Tank  262 L (69.2 US gal)
Hydraulic System 300 L (79.3 US gal)
Swing Drive  10 L (2.6 US gal)
Hydraulic System  
Electric hydraulic oil fill pump  STD
Dedicated variable displacement pump for travel circuit 200 cc
Dedicated variable displacement pump for boom and implement functions 190 cc
Dedicated variable displacement pump for saw motor  55 cc
Undercarriage (size/pitch) 330 HEX / 215.9 mm (8.5 in)
Track Gauge 2591-2870mm (102-113 in)
Track Length 4893 mm (192.6 in)
Ground Clearance 889 mm (35 in)
Tractive Effort 38555 kg (85,000 lb)
Nine bottom rollers per side STD
Integrated welded track guards   
Bolt-on track guards STD
Leveling System  
Non-leveling carbody   
Three-cylinder tilt mechanism w/simultaneous 20 degrees forward tilt and 11-degree side-to-side tilt STD

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