Blount International 2864C

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Lower Owning and Operating Cost

You’ll burn less fuel and get more power because of advances in engine technology and machine design.

Powerful Performance

The 350 hp engine and oversized hydraulic system push more flow to power-hungry attachments, such as mulchers and brushcutters. The new PowerDirect Plus optimizes machine efficiency and performance by monitoring operator and attachment hydraulic demand and delivering power where and when it is needed. Simultaneous lift-tilt and lift-steer functions and attachment recovery are faster than major competitive machines.

Clean, Cool Operation

You need a machine that runs cool and doesn’t collect debris when you’re working in hot, dry and dusty environments. The high capacity cooling system and on-demand reversing fan keep the machine running cool. Compartments for key systems are pressurized to keep debris out and electronics and sensors cool. You’ll have more uptime and spend less time blowing out this tractor. Additional features keep this tractor running at peak efficiency if your environment is cold and snowy.

Easy maintenance

Daily service points are in easy reach. Add hydraulic oil with the electric pump and refuel with your boots on solid ground. Reach more components with the tilting cab, hinged access panels and three-sided access to the engine and hydraulic pumps.

Comfortable cab

The weight distribution and cab positioned between the axles give you a stable, smooth ride. The standard air suspension seat with neck and back support and high capacity HVAC system add to your comfort. A clean three-piece front windshield, standard back-up camera and skylight give you a 360° view, including the rear tires. Additional functions enhance operation and reduce operator fatigue, including Control Adjustability, Terrain Selection Mode, Creep Mode, Road Steer Mode, and optional Attachment Float Control.

Stays in the field

This tractor does an extremely good job of staying in the field. Robust box section frames and a field-proven center hitch design provide a solid foundation. The control valve, pumps and cylinder seals were “torture” tested to ensure reliability. Steering cylinder mounts and chrome plated lift arm and tilt link pins are two more examples of structural features built into this tractor to increase uptime and machine life.

“Stuck-to-the-Ground” Stability

The engine is at the back of the machine providing better weight distribution and the counterbalance needed for heavy-duty mowing and mulching attachments. The center hitch is positioned between the front and rear axles to facilitate tire tracking. Combined with the improved weight distribution and balance that results from the rear engine position, the agility of this tractor is a distinct advantage.


Model 2864C
Engine Cat® C9.3 ACERT
Gross Power 261 kW (350 hp)
Wheel Base 3048 mm (120")

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