Blount International 2124

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Operator’s platform features large adjustable operator’s seat with padded armrests. Joystick control valves designed to provide smooth and consistent loader control. Access ladders and hand grabs are positioned for maintaining “three-point” contact. Swing system provides quick, smooth and controlled response to joystick commands.


The 3200 PSI hydraulic system maximizes lift capacity and improves controllability of the loader during multi-function operations. Redesigned continuous rotation assembly improves hose routings and ease of maintenance. A 5-circuit hydraulic swivel is standard.


An 8-circuit electrical collector standard for providing electrical power and setting stabilizers. Work light packages for stick boom and operator’s platform are optional. Optional 25’ (7.62 m) Teleboom features thumb-switch proportional control.


A-Frame pedestal is formed of high strength steel to maximize strength and minimize weight


Castings at main boom base, midpoint and stick end minimize weight and maximize strength.


Type  Split flow tandem circuit hydraulic system. System pressure 3200 psi. (2,249,822.7 kg)
Operation  Fully independent simultaneous operation of main boom and swing. Flow diverted to operate stabilizers.
Control Valves  Stack sections with mechanical joysticks. Valves contain port reliefs and anti-cavitation valves for loader protection and control. Port relief settings are 2,671,664.4 kg (3800 psi.)
Cylinders 114.3 cm (4.5") Main and stick double acting with solid rods.
Diagnostic Nipples Located at control valves.
Oil Filter Two return spin on filters, 2 nominal/10 absolute micron filter. Twenty five micron case drain filter.
Oil Reservoir 159 liters (Forty two [42] gallon) capacity. Filtered breather, sight gauge. Cylindrical design, aluminum fabrication.
Pump Mounting  Direct mounted PTO driven, bi-rotational, delivering 151liters (40 GPM). (Optional Chassis mount configuration.)
Loader Pump  Tandem gear type (21 + 19) operating at 1650 rpm (max) through PTO. Pump rated for 2,460,743.5 kg (3500 psi.)
Swivel  Steel barrel with Durabar core. Five passages for pressure, return and stabilizers. Eight ring electric collector standard for optional light packages.
Hoses & Hydraulic  Tubes 2,812,278.3 kg (4000 psi) rated hose with wear resistant coating. Steel ORS tubing.
Fittings  ORS fittings.
Boom Length 6.7 m (22') horizontal reach. 10.3 m (34') working height to boom tip. (Optional Tele-Boom): 10.3 m (25') horizontal reach. 11.2 m (37') working height to boom tip.
Boom Structure  Boom is high tensile steel fabrication. Main boom equivalent to 25.4 cm (10") x 15.2 cm (6") Spar tube. Stick boom equivalent to 20.3 cm (8") x 15.2 cm (6") spar tube.
Construction  Welded high tensile steel "Knuckle type" boom with heat treated high alloy steel pins and aluminum-bronze pivot bushings; self-aligning bushings at both ends of main and stick boom cylinders. Boom & cylinder pin bushings are greased through pins. Castings at base end, stick end and midpoint of mainboom assembly
Type Telescopic A-frame stabilizers with individual platform controls for uneven terrain.
Structural  Stabilizer legs are 17.8 cm (7") x 17.8 cm (7") high tensile steel tubing.
Stab Pads  Stabilizer pads measure 25.4 cm (10") x 38.1 cm (15").
Clearances  Ground clearance for stabilizers in retracted position is 50.8 cm (20"). Below grade reach in extended position is 40.6 cm (16").
Stowed  Stabilizers stowed position 251.4 cm (99") wide. Width at grade level 284.4 cm (112") on 101.6 cm (40") truck. Width fully extended 284.4 cm (122").
Pedestal  "A-Frame" pedestal design is formed high strength steel plate.
Swing System  Continuous rotation; ring and pinion gear set driven by an axial piston hydraulic motor through a planetary gearbox. Slewing ring is 65.1 cm (25.65") diameter. Swing torque 71,014.91 kg (14,545 ft.lbs.).
Travel  Swing system is secured by house lock during transit.
Travel Height  33.5 cm (13' 2") maximum stowed height above ground 101.6 cm (40") truck frame height
Weight  2,585.4 kg (5,700 lbs) for the 6.7 m (22') fixed boom model and 2744.23 kg (6,050 lbs) for the 7.62 m (25') tele boom model.
Mounting  "A-frame" mounting base is 90.8 cm (35 3/4") wide x 66 cm (26") long for mounting on standard truck chassis.
Main Boom (1) 11.4 cm (4.5") Bore x 6.3 cm (2 1/2") Rod
Stick Boom (1) 11.4 cm (4.5") Bore x 6.3 cm (2 1/2") Rod
Stabilizers (2) 7.6 cm (3") Bore x 5 cm (2") Rod
Operator's Platform  Platform right side mounted with fold over seat. Access to platform by single ladder.
Seat  Fold down seat with armrests
Controls  Two mechanical joysticks and proportional teleboom controls. Swing pedal with mechanical linkage. Individual controls for activation of stabilizer
WEIGHT 5700 lbs. with 22' boom Add 250 lbs for 25' teleboom option

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