Atlas Copco ALF 71

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push out and pull back in

Quick connect

When time is short, simple connection means money saved.

Easy reach

The feed control is placed on the pusher leg, which makes it easy to reach.


Technical details  
Pusher leg type Single telescope
Feeding length 1,300 mm 51.2 inch
Length extracted 3,105 mm 122.2 inch
Length retracted 1,805 mm 71.1 inch
Weight 14 kg 30.9 lb
Piston diameter 70 mm 2.76 inch
Part number (not sold within EU) 8321 0201 94
Suitable for rock drill  
Pusher leg rock drill BBC 16W, BBC 16WS, BBC 34W, BBC 34WS, BBC 34WTH

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