Atlas Copco TEX 270PS

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Right, right away

The first blows are no match thanks to the Softstart-function.

Move faster

The rotating air inlet swivel makes work easier. It’s an appreciated feature available on all light/medium models.

Quick kick

You will find the kick latch retainer on both the 270 PS and 230 PE.

Less vibration with HAPS

The HAPS vibration reduction system protects and makes you more efficient.

Soft start

The first critical blows are easy thanks to the Softstart-function. Squeeze carefully and experience full control from the first second to the last.

Automatic protection

The 230 PE and 270 PS both have automatic lubrication. Just fill up and go to work.

One piece

Both 230 PE and 270 PS are single cast breakers. That means fewer parts and less maintenance.

Medium special

The medium breakers can handle everything from breaking concrete and asphalt to softer materials.


Breaker type standard standard
Breaker version silenced silenced
Weight 28 kg 62 lb 28 kg 62 lb
Length 690 mm 27.2 inch 690 mm 27.2 inch
Air consumption 32 l/s 68 cfm 32 l/s 68 cfm
Impact rate 1,230 blows/min 1,230 blows/min
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) 14.9 m/s² 14.9 m/s²
Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 105 Lw. dB(A) 105 Lw. dB(A)
Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) 92 Lp. dB(A) 92 Lp. dB(A)
Shank size: Hex 28x160 mm - 1 1⁄8 x 61⁄4 inch 32x160 mm - 1 1⁄4 x 61⁄4 inch
Part number 8461 0226 30 8461 0226 31

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