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MBW begins each new engineering project with the goal to improve productivity, reduced maintenance and enhance user safety. Improving compaction performance yet reducing vibration at the operator position through increases in reaction mass and a lower center of gravity.

We carry... 1000 series, 2000 series, 3550 series, 3000-15 series, 5800 series, 7000 series, small reversible vibratory plates, and hydraulic reversibles vibratory plates.

Vibratory Plates
  • mbw 1000series

    1000 SERIES

    This series of vibratory plates, the GP12, GP15 & GP18, are portable, and offer outstanding compaction performance. A patent-pending suspension system that places shock mounts in a predominantly shear mode at the high amplitude front end of the plate and a predominantly compressive mode at the low amplitude trailing end of the plate.

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  • mbw 2000series

    2000 SERIES

    MBW's AP2000 is the only vibratory plate compactor specifically designed for asphalt applications. Frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are all established at optimal levels for maximum productivity on asphalt.

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  • mbw 3550series

    3550 SERIES

    The GP3550 is a premium, high production compactor with life expectancy that runs to decades with reasonable maintenance. The deck features a full roll cage as standard equipment with provisions for a water tank for asphalt compaction on AP3550.

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  • mbw 3000 15series

    3000-15 SERIES

    The GP3000-15 is ideal for confined work areas, such as sidewalk, curb and gutter, and narrow trenches. This specialty plate is not a lightweight compactor. Its operating weight is over 200 lbs. (91 kg) and produces compaction depths up to 16 in. (41 cm)* and a travel speed of 120 ft/min (36.6 m/min).

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  • mbw 5800series

    5800 SERIES

    The GP5800 is an upgrade of model GP5500. GP5800 maintains its predecessor's outstanding performance characteristics while improving the design in terms of ergonomics, ease of service and product life expectations.

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  • mbw 7000series

    7000 Series

    The GP7000 Series is MBW's heavy hitter for mid-sized to large jobs with difficult soils and deep lifts of up to 30 in. (76 cm)*. Weighing 653 lbs. (296 kg) with low frequency and high amplitude, this hard working vibratory plate outperforms walk-behind rollers on most granular applications. The GP7000 is easy to maneuver and features a central lifting bail for easy lift and transport.

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  • mbw smallreverse


    The GPR 65, 68 & 77 Series are compact reversible plates ideal for narrow trenches and confined areas.

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  • mbw hydreverse


    MBW's hydraulic shifting reversible plates solve maintenance problems that have long plagued this product type. MBW exciter systems are vented to prevent damage to shifting mechanism seals. Worn shifting seals are readily serviced from the outside of the exciter assembly (patented), eliminating the complicated process of opening and exposing the exciter assembly for service purposes. Maintenance is simplified, service time is reduced dramatically.

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