Interstate Trailers

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With over 30 years of experience and over 275 nation-wide dealers, Interstate Trailers can provide you with the trailer to handle your transport needs. Interstate understands that hauling needs vary greatly from person to person and job to job. Each trailer can be manufactured with options that allow for a fully customized product, giving you exactly what you demand.

 Manufacturing Marvels: Interstate Trailers-Road Tested Contractor Approved #haulitonaninterstate

  • interstate tagalong trailers

    Tag-Along Trailers

    50 DLA, 40 DLA, 30 DLE, 24 DTA, 24 DT, 20 DT, 20 DTA, 18 BST, 16 PBS (Discontinued), 16 BST-S

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  • interstate tiltbedtrailers

    Tiltbed Trailers

    10TST, 12TST, 14TST, 16TST, 20APC, 20TDT, 24TDT, 30TDE, 40TDL, 50TDL

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  • interstate goosenecklowboy trailers

    Gooseneck and Lowboys

    102SDGN, 110SDGN, 50LBG, 70LBG, 70PHT, 70PRC, 70SDGN, 70SDGN-H7, G12BST, G12BST, G16BST, G18BST, G20DT, G24DT, G40TDL, G50TDL

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