BOMAG is the world market leader in the field of Compaction Technology and the manufacturing of machines for the compaction of soils, asphalt and refuse, stabilizers/recyclers as well as cold milling machines and finishers

we carry Tampers, Single Direction Vibratory Plates, Reversible Vibratory Plates, Walk Behind Rollers, Tandem Ride On Rollers, Tandem Vibratory Rollers, Pneumatic Rollers, Intelligent Compaction, Single Drum Vibratory Rollers, and Soil Compactors.

Light Compaction
  • bomag bt60 2017


    BT 60, BT 65, and BVT 65

    Earthwork and asphalt construction. Pipeline, trench and sewer line construction, backfills, foundations and repair work on asphalt.

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  • bomag bp25 50 2017

    Single Direction Vibratory Plates

    BP 25/50, BVP 10/30, BVP 10/36, BVP 18/45

    Compaction of a wide variety of sand, gravel and granular base materials.
    Hot and cold asphalt patching.

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  • bomag BPR 25 40 2017

    Reversible Vibratory Plates

    BPR 25/40, BPR 25/40 D, BPR 35/60, BPR 35/60 D, BPR 35/60 D/E, BPR 45/55 D/E, BPR 50/55 D/E, BPR 55/65 D/E, BPR 60/65 D/E, BPR 70/70 D, BPR 100/80 D, BPR Economizer, BPH 80/65 S D/E

    Compaction of granular, cohesive andmixed soils Landscaping Sidewalks Patio sub-basematerial Setting of patio block and pavers Asphalt compaction in confined areas

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  • bomag BMP8500 2017

    Walk Behind Rollers

    BW 55 E, BW 65 H D/E, BMP 8500

    Base preparation, Compaction and backfilling around footings and foundations, Backfilling of trenches, Compaction of difficult soils where highmaneuverability is required.

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  • bomag BW900 50 2017

    Tandem Ride On Rollers

    BW 900-50, BW 90 AD-5, BW 100 ADM-5, BW 100 SL-5

    Earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium and small scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction

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Asphalt Products
  • bomag BW120 AD 5 2017

    Tandem Vibratory Rollers

    BW 120 SL-5, BW 120 AD-5, BW 120 AC-5, BW 135 AD-5, BW 138 AC-5, BW 138 AD-5, Tandem Roller Economizer, BW 141 AD-5, BW 151 AD-5, BW 161 AD-4, BW 161 AD-5, BW 161 ADO-5, BOMAG TANGENTIAL OSCILLATION, BW 190 AD-4 HF, BW 190 AD-5, BW 190 ADO-5, BW 191 AD-5 HF, BW 191 ADO-5, BW 206 AD-5 HF, BW 206 ADO-5


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  • bomag BW11RH 5 2017

    Pneumatic Rollers

    BW 11 RH-5, BW 27 RH-41

    Fields of application: Compaction of asphalt wear courses, asphalt binder courses and asphalt surface layers as well as compaction of natural soils and materials stabilized with lime or cement. Due to their excellent kneading effect pneumatic tired rollers achieve an excellent sealing of the surface. The modern hydrostatic drive concept allows for an especially sensitive drive control of the roller in three speed levels.

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  • bomag BW190AD4am 2017

    Intelligent Compaction

    BW 213 DH-4 BVC, BW 190 AD-4 AM


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Soil Compaction
  • bomag BW177 D 5 2017

    Single Drum Vibratory Rollers

    BW 124 DH-40, BW 124 PDH-40, BW 145 D-5, BW 145 DH-5, BW 145 PDH-5, BW 177 D-5, BW 177 DH-5, BW 177 PDH-5, BW 177 D-50, BW 177 DH-50, BW 177 PDH-50, BW 211 D-5, BW 211 DH-5, BW 211 PD-5, BW 211 PDH-5, BW 213 D-5, BW 213 DH-5, BW 213 PDH-5


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  • bomag bc473EB4 2017

    Soil Compactors

    BC 473 EB-4, BC 772 EB-4

    Fields of application: Soil compactors are used for spreading and compaction work on large-scale construction sites and are designed to compact mixed and cohesive soils in thin to medium layer thicknesses. BOMAG soil compactors can be modified on-site with a choice of wheel types and dozer blades.

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