Bil-Jax is the main manufacturer of frames since 1946, founded by two brothers, Bill and Jack Ashenfelter. The design became so popular, it hit the market.  We now offer their complete brand line of step, ladder, and walk-through style frames to provide access and working platforms for all your commercial, industrial, and rental needs.

  • biljax frames


    Rolling Towers
    Frame Scaffold

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  • biljax access 2017

    Scaffold Accessories

    Diagonal Braces
    Leveling Jacks
    Base Plates
    Walkboards / Catwalks

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  • Utility small

    Utility Scaffold

    Pro-Jax Utility Scaffold
    Handy Roll Scaffold
    Drywall Equipment

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  • biljax trailer lift

    Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

    Summit Series Boom Lifts
    Towable Articulating Boom Lifts
    Towable Telescopic Boom Lifts

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  • biljax tele 2017

    Telescopic Lifts

    C.A.T. Series Lift
    tomC.A.T. Series Lifts
    Cougar Series Lift
    Odyssey Lift
    Stockpicker Lift

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  • bijax drop 2017

    Drop-Deck Equipment Trailers

    Escalate Equipment Trailers

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  • Aluminum Material Lifts

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