Since 1959, EDCO has been your main manufacturer for concrete floor grinders and sawing equipment. Power tools from EDCO are perfect for leveling uneven grounds or removing debris. Resurface your concrete grounds with its features like dust suppression, vacuum ports, disk grinders, and more.

We carry...Chisel Scalers, Crete-Plane, Magna-Trap Floor Grinders, Power Trowels, Vacuum Systems, Crete-Crush, Floor Strippers, Magna-Trap Turbo Grinders, Traffic Line Removers, Core Drills Rigs, Hardscape Saws, Self-Propelled Saws, Walk Behind Saws, Crack Chaser Saws, Masonry Saws, Tile Saws, Water TankTrailers.

Surface Preparation, Floor Grinding & Removal
  • edco chiselscalers 2017

    Chisel Scalers

    Air-powered Chisel Scalers use rapid hammering action and many different accessories to quickly remove all kinds of material from various surfaces.

    Chisel Scalers, Chisel Scalers - Big Sticks

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  • edco creteplaner 2017


    EDCO Crete-Plane™ Systems include machines and cutting tools for leveling, removing and texturing (scarifying) surfaces.

    8" Walk-Behind Crete-Planer, 8" Walk-Behind Scari-Lite Crete-Planer, 10" Walk-Behind Crete-Planer, 10" Self-Propelled Crete-Planer, 12" Self-Propelled Crete-Planer

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  • edco magna trap 2017

    Magna-Trap Floor Grinders

    Floor Grinders are used for topical applications up to a 1/16” deep. These models are for smoothing, cleaning, thin coating removal, and prepping surfaces. Concrete Floor Grinders are contractor and homeowner friendly.

    Magna-Trap Dual-Disc Floor Grinder, Magna-Trap Single-Disc Floor Grinder, Magna-Trap Heavy-Duty Floor Grinder / Polisher.

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  • edco powertrowel 2017

    Power Trowels

    A power trowel is a piece of construction equipment used to create smooth finishes to concrete slabs. An operator walking behind the machine operates the power trowel.


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  • edco vacuumsystems 2017

    Vacuum Systems

    Vacuum Systems control airborne dust and shorten clean up times. Vacuums are essential to creating healthy and safe working environments.

    200 CFM Vacuum, 290 CFM Vacuum, 200 CFM Bag Vac, Gasoline Vacuums.

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  • edco cretecrush 2017


    EDCO Crete-Crush™ Systems are air-powered machines used for drastic removal jobs like creating wheelchair access ramps. Crete-Crushers™ create rough surfaces by hammering bits into concrete surfaces, removing up to a ¼” per pass.

    3-Head Crete-Crusher, 5-Head Crete-Crusher

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  • edco floorstrippers 2017

    Floor Strippers

    Electric Floor Strippers remove floor coverings from concrete and wood surfaces. Material examples include vinyl, linoleum, carpeting,
 hardwood, rubber flooring, and ceramic tile.

    8" Manual Tile Shark Floor Stripper

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  • edco magnatrap grinders 2017

    Magna-Trap Turbo Grinders

    High speed Turbo Grinders are designed for industrial tasks like leveling expansion joints, high spots and bridge decks; removing thick coatings, and smoothing rough surfaces. Turbos grind 5 times faster than traditional grinding machines.

    Magna-Trap 10" Turbo Grinder, Magna-Trap 7" Turbo / Edge Grinder, Magna-Trap Turbo-Lite Grinder

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  • edco trafficline 2017

    Traffic Line Removers

    Traffic Line Removers are specifically designed to erase paint, epoxy, and thermoplastic lines from asphalt without excessive impact. The EDCO TLR7 removes lines while creating feathered areas that blend into asphalt surfaces.

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Professional Sawing Equipment
  • edco coredrills 2017

    Core Drills Rigs

    Core drills are specifically designed to remove cylinders of material. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core. Core Drill Rigs and Hand-Held Core Drills are popular for plumbing, engineering, and installation applications.

    36" Core Drills Rigs, 48" Core Drill Rigs

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  • edco hardscapesaws 2017

    Hardscape Saws

    Hardscape Saws have maximum cutting depths from 4” to 5” and cut many types of stone including pavers, brick, and stepping stones.

    10" Hardscape Saw, 14" Hardscape Saw

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  • edco profsawingequip 2017

    Self-Propelled Saws

    Self-Propelled Saws cut depths varying between 7” to 10 ½” and are used for highway, road, and bridge repair; utility installation and other long-run sawing applications.

    20" Self-Propelled Saw, 24" Self-Propelled Saw, 26" Self-Propelled Saw

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  • edco walkbehindsaws 2017

    Walk-Behind Saws

    Walk-Behind Saws cut depths varying between 1” to 6 ¾” and are used for trenching, utility installation, crack repair, and other short-run sawing applications.

    18" Walk-Behind Saw - Downcut, 14" Walk-Behind Saw - Upcut, 14" Walk-Behind Saw - Downcut, 14" Compact Saw - Downcut

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  • edco crackchaser 2017

    Crack Chaser Saws

    Crack Chaser Saws assist concrete floor repair by opening cracks for filling. Operators pull this saw through each crack pattern. Specific V-Groove blades are available.

    8" Crack Repair Saw

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  • edco masonrysaws 2017

    Masonry Saws

    Masonry Saws cut from both fixed and chopping positions and are used for many kinds of masonry, landscaping, and installation jobs.

    14" Masonry Saw, 20" Masonry Saws

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  • edco tilesaws 2017

    Tile Saws

    The Tile Saw has a maximum cutting depth of 3 ¾”, cuts 12” diagonally, and/or 20” lengthwise. Professional contractors and homeowners both use tile saws.

    10" Tile Saw

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  • edco WaterTankTrailers 2017

    Water Tank Trailers

    300 Gallon Water Tank Trailer

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