Kenco has been providing quality and durable attachments for the construction industry since 1984, engineering pipe tongs, scissor lifts, wall clamps, Slab Crabs, and much more. Other competitive models can't compete with the strength and durability of lifting devices by Kenco.

 We carry...Barrier Lift, Curb Lifter, Forklift Adapter, Monument Lifter, MultiLift, Pipelift, Pipe Hook, Slablift, Superlift, Rocklift, Brush Grapple, Brush & Debris Rake, Hardrock Bucket, Concrete Pulverizer, Hardrock Grapple, Hardrock Thumb, Plate Compactor, Quick Coupler, Ripper, Rotary Compactor, Slab Crab, Slash Blade, Wedgebolt Coupler, Brush Rake, Loader Bucker, WHeel Loader Accessories, Snow Plow Blade, Skid Steer and Backhoe Attachments.

Lifting Attachments
  • kenco barrierlift


    The scissor action of the Kenco barrier lift will grip concrete block, wall, curb and median wall securely. Just by setting it down onto the wall top activates the lifter. The barrier tongs clamp tightly against the wall surface without need for auxiliary hydraulic hookups. Swiveling pad angles adjust to match the slope of the wall. The wall is held firmly in the device as it is moved and positioned.

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  • kenco curblifter


    The Curb Lifter is the required tool to use on any applications where curbing is handled, such as roadside or parking lot construction. An extra wide grip range of 3 to 12 inches gives the machine operator the ability to lift, move, and position all types and sizes of heavy concrete or granite curbing.

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  • kenco forklift adapter


    Kenco has a simple solution to expand the lifting possibilities of your forklift. Just slip the forks into this adapter and secure it to the bulkhead. The forklift can now be used to lift barrier wall, pipe, irregular objects, and MORE. This attachment has a 12,000 pound capacity.

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  • kenco monumentlifter

    Monument Lifter

    Kenco offers a variety of lifters suited to monument handling including both horizontal and vertical applications. It is designed to safely lift, move, and place concrete, marble, granite and most other monuments with a maximum capacity of 1500 pounds.

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  • kenco multilift


    Kenco offers a product to lift and move slabs such as concrete block, sidewalk pads or other precast items. When an adjustable lifting grab is needed, the Kenco Multilift is the attachment you need. This automatic lifting grab allows contractors to maneuver heavy block objects up to sixty eight inches wide.

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  • kenco pipe lift


    An actuator uses the power of gravity to allow the scissor action of our pipe lifter to clamp securely on PVC, iron, or concrete pipe. If you have ever tried to move pipe using straps or teacups, the Pipe Lift attachment will make a significant impact in overall productivity. The operator is able to use these tongs to grab, lift, and move pipe without assistance.

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  • kenco pipe hook


    The Pipe Hook was developed specifically for the utility contractor to provide a safe, efficient pipe handling attachment. The slide balance models use an adjustable lifting eye to obtain the preferred balance point. Self-leveling models have a built-in cylinder that automatically adjusts to the weight of the pipe to achieve the proper balance point. The Pipe Hook can be used on any shape or type of 8 foot pipe sections. Custom sizes can also be fabricated for pipe up to 20 feet in length.

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  • kenco slab lift


    Developed for concrete slabs such as suspended bridge decks that must be lifted from one side. The adjustable lift eye allows the operator to quickly engage the slab and lock onto it.

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  • kenco superlift


    Move wall, pipe, blocks, drums, debris, and more with the Superlift’s assortment of tines. This unique tool has been designed to integrate versatility into a single attachment so that it could be used to handle a wide range of different shapes and sizes of objects. Instead of purchasing an individual lifter for different job applications, this one device has tines that can be easily changed from one set to another. Custom tines can also be designed by our engineering team for job specific needs.

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  • kenco rocklift


    Never before has there been a safer and easier way to move large rocks than with the Kenco Rocklift. The Rocklift is a triple tine mechanical grapple and each model offers a wide grip range and capacity relative to the rock size being moved. The Rocklift is fully automatic, which gives the operator complete control when it is to grip or release the load.

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Excavator Attachments
  • kenco brush grapple


    The Kenco Brush Grapple is available in 3 over 4 or 4 over 5 tine configurations and is designed to stand up to the most severe land clearing operations. It is available to fit direct pin-on, pin grabber, or our Wedgebolt Coupler mount for fast and easy attachment changes

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  • kenco brushrake


    Wider tine spacing allows for sifting out smaller materials. Ideal for land clearing and loading. Becomes a grapple when coupled with a Kenco Thumb. T-1 construction with added web supports provides uncompromised strength. Works well for moving large brush as well as raking smaller debris. Universal models available for use with quick couplers.

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  • kenco hardrock bucket

    HardRock Bucket

    Double Sidewall Construction. AR 400 steel construction. Choice of teeth: ESCO, CAT, Hensley. Tapered Design (allows the bucket to dump its content efficiently). Deep profile offers extra capacity

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  • kenco concretePulv


    The Kenco Concrete Pulverizer requires no hydraulics for it to operate. The excavator’s bucket cylinder actuates the movable front jaw and crushes material against the stationary back jaw. An ideal tool for separating concrete from rebar! Crush concrete easily. The force of the jaws crunches up the concrete and cleans it off the rebar, allowing for easy separation from the rest of the rubble.

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  • kenco hardrock


    Kenco extreme duty demolition Hardrock Grapples are designed and constructed to provide years of service – in the toughest conditions. Only Kenco builds a grapple that maintains proper curl when working with a coupler.

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  • kenco hardrock thumb


    AR 400 steel for greater durability. Case-hardened pins. Line-bored pin bosses to provide. Accurate pin alignment and reduced torsional stress. Available in both manual or hydraulic models.

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  • kenco platecompactor


    A vibrating Kenco Plate Compactor is the ideal tool for soil compaction in trenches, foundations or slope applications. Its heavy-duty design offers plenty of strength for driving wood, steel sheeting, posts and beams. Available in models to fit from 3.5 to 45 ton excavators.

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  • kenco quickcouplers


    QUICKLY CHANGE ATTACHMENTS IN SECONDS! THE FASTEST WAY TO INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY, AND PROFITS! Couplers are available in sizes for all excavators, including Gradall applications. Built tough to withstand the most demanding demolition projects.

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  • kenco ripper


    The Ripper cuts quickly through rock, shale and permafrost… it makes digging in hard soil easier and more productive. The Ripper is the perfect attachment to cut through any hard terrain that is encountered in your work environment.

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  • kenco Rotary compactor


    4″ to 60″ width. Wedge pad or Sheepsfoot tines. Solid, abrasive-resistant steel construction. Sealed bearing design protects against abrasive damage. Achieve 95% density. Kenco Compaction Wheels come with a removable mount with pins and a soil leveling plate. Compaction wheels are standard sheeps foot style. Hex pads and wedge pad wheels measure 3″ plus overall diameter smaller. Special orders and custom wheels are also available.

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  • kenco slabcrab


    Slab Crab buckets are the solution for the removal of concrete slabs. They range in bucket widths from 24 inch to 60 inch. The Slab Crab models are manufactured to process slabs ranging from 4″ to 20″ thick and will fit 20,000 – 150,000 pound excavators and backhoes.

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  • kenco slashblade


    Two versions available: rigid or hydraulic tilt. Unique design is excellent for handling sticky material because it cleans itself with every pass. Radius allows blade to roll when grading dirt. Hydraulic tilt model allows the operator to create an even grade when the machine is not level Replaceable cutting edge prevents unnecessary moldboard wear.

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  • kenco wedgebolt


    Maintain digging power, eliminate pin-pounding and perform fast, effective attachment changes. Available in both mechanical and hydraulic models.

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Wheel Loader
  • kenco brushrake2017

    Brush Rake

    Accessory attachments add flexibility and higher production capabilities to any loader. Kenco offers a wide variety of Wheel Loader Rakes to meet your needs. Our Brush Rakes make short work of those tough land clearing projects. Grapple rakes /debris rakes are ideally suited for handling demolition debris or piling trees and limbs. Handle jobs from the small projects to extreme land clearing operations.

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  • kenco loaderbucket2017

    Loader Bucket

    General Purpose or light material buckets for easy loading and material retention when traveling.

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  • kenco wheelloaderacc

    Wheel Loader Accessories

    Add flexibility and higher production capabilities to any loader or dozer with accessory attachments to make any job easier. Convert machine downtime to productive time and profit. Use your Loader as a multi-tasking machine.

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  • kenco snowplow

    Snow Plow Blades

    Attachments for snow removal operations. When the snow starts to accumulate, Kenco snow plows, blades and pushers are designed to get the job done.

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Skid Steer and Backoes
  • kenco skidsteeratt

    Skid Steer and Backhoe Attachments

    Many of our Lifting products are available in models and sizes to move heavy or cumbersome objects that crop up in most projects. A simple shackle and sling rigging attached to the lifting eye will make these incredible Kenco lifters ready for the job.The specific model of lifter that can be used depends entirely on the capability of your machine.

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