Keson Marking Tools

Keson makes chalk right here in Aurora, IL. Not only is it made in the US, but they feel it’s the best chalk made anywhere in the world. Most of Keson's chalk reels are made here as well. From molding the components, assembling the parts, and testing the reels, if you are holding a Keson chalk reel in your hand, you’ve got your hand on one of the best tools out there.

Keson twine, paint, barricade tape, and surveyor flags help finish up any layout job.

  • giant chalk 4

    Chalk Line Reels

    At Keson, they’ve taken the time to learn a lot about chalk line reels from end-users. As the only US manufacturer of chalk and chalk line reels, Keson products are in a unique position to interact and respond with the people who build in and build up our communities. These builders have told them a lot about what’s important in a chalk line reel, and what works and what doesn’t. Keson continuously adds to and improve their chalk and chalk line reels based on the feedback from end-users.

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  • Level 1 chalk 500x460


    The color and the amount of the pigment determines the vividness and permanence of the line. Keson chalk sticks to your line until you decide you want it to stick to something else. Over the years, Keson has fine-tuned their formulas to produce chalk that performs with consistent excellence, batch after batch.

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  • twisted mason line

    Braided and Twisted Mason Twine


    Braided twine doesn’t come apart even when reused. It is perfect for large jobs and everyday use. You can also nick it with a trowel and it won’t unwind. Another benefit is that braided twine does not spin as much as a twisted line, bringing plumb bobs to rest sooner.


    Twisted line is a fine choice for mason line and other marking needs. Choosing twisted line is often an economical choice. You get 10% more line per spool.

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  • PaintMarker Hero

    Specialty Marking

    Keson's wide variety of markers, crayons, pencils, and soapstone help you Make Your Mark on virtually any surface known to man.

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  • FT standard flagging

    Flagging and Barricade Tape

    Keson flagging tape comes in a cast array of colors, sizes, and legends to fit your needs. Keson provides high-strength, high-visibility barricade tape. 

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  • STK21

    Surveyor Stake Flags

    A standard 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" Flag on a 21" Stake

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