Columbus McKinnon Rigging Products

With a long history of innovation, Columbus McKinnon has designed new products that have significantly impacted the material handling industry -- including the development of the first alloy chain in 1933. This chain eventually replaced the industry-standard wrought iron chain used for overhead lifting and is the predecessor to today's Herc-Alloy 800® chain, hooks and lifting attachments. Made in America, CM Herc-Alloy® products, including the Hammerlok®, are made of superior triple alloy steel that provides the best strength-to-weight performance in the industry.

  • chaincm

    Herc-Alloy Chain

    Herc-Alloy® is now one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the rigging industry and is only offered by Columbus McKinnon. Made in America, CM Herc-Alloy® 1000 products are made of superior triple alloy steel that provides the best strength-to-weight performance in the industry.

  • slinghook

    Specialty Overhead Lifting Hooks & Lugs

    CM Herc-Alloy® Hooks are an excellent choice when used with mechanical couplers such as the CM Hammerlok®. These hooks are designed for heavy lifting applications. This line of hooks offer ease of use for all your rigging and load handling needs.

  • Binders

    Ratchet Binders

    Grades 30, 43, 70, 80, 100

    WLL: 2,600 to 16,000 lbs.

    Ratchet Binders utilize a screw or rotating motion to tighten and secure loads. Ratchet binders tighten slower but are easier to operate than lever-type load binders. They also do not require a handle to lock in place to ensure the binder stays tightened.

  • masterlink

    Rings & Links

    Featuring an optimum design for sling construction, CM Rings & Links have a greater capacity to handle the rugged conditions of the job. 

  • schackle


    When it comes to shackles, Columbus McKinnon prides itself on providing the strongest and most reliable products on the market. Manufactured through our state-of-the-art forging process in Chattanooga, Tennessee, CM shackles are available in a variety of styles and materials for virtually any rigging application. Choose from carbon, alloy or super strong shackles in screw pin, bolt, nut & cotter, or round pin styles.

  • Tie Down

    Tie Downs

    Columbus McKinnon and their Tennessee-based Dixie Industries are leaders in innovation for the towing and transportation industries. They are the premier manufacturer of American-made chain and forged attachments for the towing industry. They are proud to not only offer towing products but a full line of chain and hardware for the heavy-duty hauling industry.

  • Turnbuckle


    Turnbuckles provide easy means for tensioning, loosening and removing the chain and rope load lines. CM Turnbuckles are forged then hot dip galvanized. All meet Federal Specification FF-T-791b Type 1, Form 1.


  • wireropeclip

    Wire Rope Compression Hardware

    Sizes: 1/8 to 1-1/2 in.

    Wire Rope Clips are used to secure the end of wire rope when forming a loop; i.e., for wire rope turn-back. Clips are available in two configurations: mid-grip (double saddle) and single saddle. Each configuration is equally strong and effective, but care must be exercised for proper installation of single saddle clips.

  • latchkit

    Latch Kits

    CM's most popular Latch Kits are now available in bulk ordering. Now you can ensure the Hoist Latch Kits you need are always on hand, with less frequent ordering,

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