Kenco ML8K10T68V1

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The ML8K10T68V1 Multilift has an 8,000 pound capacity with specially engineered pads that pivot in all directions to accommodate a sloped surface. The ML8K10T68V1 easily adjusts with the use of a lever and can grip from the outside pushing in from 10 to 68 inches. The legs can be reversed to grip from 29 to 80 inches when placed in an inside pushing out orientation.


WEIGHT 530 lbs/
240.404 kg
CAPACITY 8000 lbs/
3628.739 kg
GRIP RANGE 10 – 68 inches/
25.4 – 172.72 cm
INSIDE – OUT GRIP RANGE 29 – 80 inches/ 73.66 – 203.2 cm

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