Kenco ML8K10T48V1

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The ML8K10T48V1 Multilift has an 8,000 pound capacity with specially engineered pads that pivot in all directions to accommodate a sloped surface. Its new design has more travel than its predecessor, handling up to a five-inch variance in the width of the objects to be lifted without needing to adjust the legs. And when you do need to adjust the legs, it only takes the simple flip of a lever. The ML8K10T48V1 grips from the outside squeezing in widths from 10 to 48 inches. The legs can be reversed and to grip from 29 to 60 inches when placed in an inside pushing out fashion. (shown below)


WEIGHT 470 lbs/
213.188 kg
CAPACITY 8000 lbs/
3628.739 kg
GRIP RANGE 10 – 48 inches/
25.4 – 121.92 cm
INSIDE – OUT GRIP RANGE 29 – 60 inches 73.66 – 152.4 cm

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