Kenco ML3K5T32V1

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  • The ML3K5T32V1 Multilift will work with any machine with lifting capabilities using a sling and shackle assembly.
  • It has a 3,000 pound capacity with specially engineered pads that pivot in all directions to accommodate a sloped surface.
  • The ML3K can grip from 5 to 32 inches when using it to grip on the outside of a block.
  • It can also grip from 18 to 41 inches when in the legs are reversed to push from the inside out.


WEIGHT 140 lbs/
63.50 kg
CAPACITY 3000 lbs/
1360.777 kg
GRIP RANGE 5 – 32 inches/
12.7 – 81.28 cm
INSIDE – OUT GRIP RANGE 18 – 41 inches/
45.72 – 104.14 cm

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