Epiroc Hydraulic Attachments SB152

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Our features make the difference

Our unique design concept with a SolidBody stands for high reliability, extreme versatility, high efficiency, and performance, and is known as very maintenance friendly.

SolidBody concept

Integrates percussion mechanism and guide system into a single block of special cast iron, decreasing the total number of parts. It also eliminates components like damping and guiding elements and tie rods or stud bolts completely and results in an extremely slim and compact shape to simplify handling. A replaceable piston liner supports low repair cost.


The piston recoil energy is automatically utilized to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations.

Air and water inlet

to connect the compressed air supply and an integrated water channel for dust suppression (for SB 152 -SB 1102, water nozzles as option)

Floating bushing

Tool bushing with floating fit for easy exchange on-site with standard hand tools.

Pressure relief valve

Built-in valve to protect against overloads

Dust wiper

Integrated dust wiper to extend the service life of bushing and retainer bars


The hydraulic breaker starts without load applied to working tool thus simplifying handling

Patented tool locking system

Combining a lock buffer and solid pin for quick tool exchange


Service weight 310 lb
Oil flow 6,6 gpm - 11,9 gpm
Operating pressure 1 450 psi - 2 175 psi
Impact rate 850 blows/min - 1 900 blows/min
Working tool diameter 1,97 inch
Working length of tool 10 inch
Carrier weight class 4 000 lb - 10 000 lb
Hydraulic input power, max 15 HP
Sound power level, guaranteed 114 LwAdB(A)

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