ERC-Transverse Drum Cutters with Hydraulic Rotation

revolving drum cutters

Transverse drum cutter with integrated hydraulic rotation

Transverse Drum Cutters are an excellent choice for rock or concrete wall and surface profiling, trenching, soft rock and frozen soil excavation and demolition.The integrated rotation unit with continuous infinite rotation allows the drum cutter to be put into the ideal cutting position.  Positioning the drum cutter for the most efficient cutting action helps to increase productivity.  Rotation units are fitted with a hydraulic swivel joint as standard.

  • Continuous, infinite rotation
  • Narrower trenching
  • More accurate profiling when grinding vertical surfaces
  • More efficient tunnel profiling
  • Hydraulic swivel allowing oil flow up to 1,500 gal/min (400 l/min)
  • Operating with cutter drums in the optimum position reduces damage caused by energy transfer back to the carrier
  • Longer life for hydraulic hoses and reduced pick consumption
  • Continuous and infinite positioning of the cutter drums


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