Blount International 2414

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System Versatility

Various factory installed hydraulic packages are available including bar saw slasher, delimber, carrier, and grapple saw, as well as the popular TMS II package.

High Visibility

Excellent visibility of the work area is provided through large tinted cab windows. Overhead visibility is maximized through the large, tinted Lexan skylight. Operator protection is afforded by the front guard. This swingout guard is designed for quick and simple access for front window cleaning.

Superior Operator

Station Prentice loader cabs are designed with operator comfort in mind. The spacious cabs feature a large, fully adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support. Fold-up armrests are fully adjustable to allow adjustment of the joystick controls to match the operator

Prentice Loader Booms

Prentice loader booms are built tough with welded high-strength steel. Delimbing booms feature heavy steel castings at the base end, stick end, and cylinder junctions with the main boom.


Prentice loaders feature swing torque ratings up to nearly 80,000 ft-lbs. Combined with swing speeds up to 9 RPM, Prentice loaders provide excellent performance in all applications from short wood loading, to drag loading, and pull-through delimbing.

Engineered Stability

Prentice heavy-duty subframes are engineered for high reliability. Lock valves integrated into the stabilizer circuit reduce cylinder movement and increase stability. Wide stabilizer leg spread, large pad size and deep below grade reach provide a stable base.


Engines & Driveline  
Engine RPM: Full Load Governed 2200
Hydraulic System  
Flows LPM (GPM) @ 2200 RPM 216 (57), 155 (41), 125 (33)
Pressure System kPa (PSI) 17,236 (2,500)
Swing kPa (PSI) 17,236 (2,500)
Swing Speed RPM 7
Cylinders, Bore x Rod (in.) Main (2) 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm (6”x4”)
Stick (1) 17.78 cm x 10.16 cm (7”x4”)
Live Heel 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm (6”x4”)
Stabilizer(4) 15.24 cm x 10.16 cm (6”x4”
Counterweight kg (Lbs.) Cast Iron 1,392.5 (3,070)
Swing Bearing Diameter 137 cm (54”) OD
Gearing External
Stabilizers Pad Size 55.88 cm x 66.04 cm (22”x26”)
Fuel Liters (Gallons) 336.9 (89)
Hydraulic Liters (Gallons) 246 (65)
Unit Weight  
Wet, with standard boom, less options, carrier and grapple - kg (Lbs.) 15,422 (34,000)

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