Atlas Copco XRVS 1000+ CD

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The intuitive and easy-to-use Xc4003 controller allows for accurate setting of all requirements. The data logging system allows for further  optimization creating the highest level of performance. Tracking and recording all parameters for specific application enables analysis of optimal air conditions on the next job. Site optimization allows for fast, safe and cost efficient operation providing advantages against the competition.


The variable pressure and flow of the DrillAirXpert ™ system makes these compressors adaptable to a wide range of applications. Any job can now have its flow or pressure requirements dialed in with exact certainty.


The Cat 6 cylinder engine is mounted with an Atlas Copco two stage air compressor element, which allows for continual operation at 508psi (35bar). The higher operating pressure can result in 43% faster penetrate rate and up to 15% decrease in fuel consumption (When compared to the same hole at 365psi (25bar).


Servicing through large oversized doors provides quick access to components, including the air end, engine maintenance and electrical components. Drains for water and oil are easy to reach and are plumbed outside of the frame for draining. Atlas Copco extended life filters with 500 hour engine and 1,000 hour compressor service intervals make these compressors a dependable workhorse in your fleet.

DrillAirXpert TM

Atlas Copco’s DrillAirXpert™ regulating system allows the operator the freedom to regulate a specific operating pressure or flow. The unit offers a truly variable pressure system; pressure settings range from 305 to 508 psi, with the flow automatically adjusted by the controller. The flow control  function will allow you to call for a specific SCFM, and the machine will regulate the back pressure to maintain that specific flow, allowing greater control of your drill. Eliminating all pneumatic regulating lines not only improves fuel and air efficiency by more than 3%, it also provides trouble-free, coldweather operation.

  • No condensate blow off
  • Zero regulation lines, no freezing
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • User data logging
  • Variable pressure control 305 - 508 psi)
  • SCFM control (pressure varries instead of flow) 
  • Increased penetration rate (up to 43%)
  • Decreased fuel consuption (compared to 350psi - cost per foot drilled)


Model XRVS 1000+ CD
Actual free air delivery (Standard air) 875 cfm* 1000 cfm*
Actual free air delivery (Aftercooled air)** 1300 cfm* 950 cfm*
Working pressure 508 psi (Bar) 365 psi (Bar)
Working pressure range 305-508 psi (Bar)
Discharge outlet quantity 1 Standard, 1 Aftercooled
Discharge outlet size 2" NPT in
Regulation system DrillAirXpert™
Model C13 CAT
Displacement 12.5 L
Cylinders 6
Tier Interim Tier 4 US EPA
Exhaust after-treatment CEM / DOC / DPF
HP 475
Rated speed (High) 1900 rpm
Rated speed (Low) 1300 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity (Tandem Trailer) 240 (908) Gal (L)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Support Mounted) 557 (2108) Gal (L)
Altitude Capability 6,700 (2,042) ft. (m)
Fuel Consumption @ 100% load 20.7 (78.3) Gal/hr (L/hr) 21.3 (80.6) Gal/hr (L/hr)
Fuel Autonomy @ 100% load (Tandem Trailer) 11.25 Hours 11 Hours
Fuel Autonomy @ 100% load (Support Mounted) 26.5 Hours 26 Hours
Unit dimensions - LxWxH   
Tandem trailer 235 x 88 x 101 in
Weight (Wet) 18,000 (8,164) lbs (kg)
Support mounted 185 x 88 x 90 in
Weight (Wet) 15,000 (6,803) lbs (kg)

* measured according to ISO 1217, 2009 annex D. Dependant on ambient conditions and temperature.

** Aftercooler is an optional feature

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