Atlas Copco XAS 1150 CD8

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The Xc3003 controller has a full color LCD screen that displays all the necessary information to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. The regulation system utilizes a single pneumatic regulator which the operator can easily dial in the desired pressure, and the controller will automatically adjust the output to deliver the flow while still maintaining industry leading fuel efficiency.


The all new XAS1150CD8 has taken three previous models and rolled them into a single machine, making it the most versatile machine in the industry. The variable flow and pressure allows for operation in a wider range of applications.


The CAT C9.3 Tier 4 Final engine is mounted with an Atlas Copco C190 air element. The single stage C190 element is one of the most efficient screw compressor designs on the market today. This translates to less energy loss in the system and equates to lower fuel consumption per  CFM.


Servicing through large oversized doors provides quick access to components, including the air end, engine maintenance and electrical components. Drains for water and oil are easy to reach and are plumbed outside of the containment basin for draining. Atlas Copco extended life filters with 500 hour service intervals make this engine the workhorse of your fleet


Atlas Copco’s PFF system to ensures cool, clean and dry air. The PFF system is plumbed through a secondary outlet so you can isolate the hoses and hardware requiring this purity of air. The PFF system comes standard with a three way valve the operator can select various air quality levels and optimal cold weather configuration.

COOL - High efficiency aftercooler reduces compressed air temperature.
DRY - Compact WSD condensate removal in combination with the aftercooler removes liquid water from the compressed air.
CLEAN - Dedicated Atlas Copco DD+PD filters remove oil aerosol content to 0.01mg/m3 and particles down to 0.01 micron at the industry’s lowest pressure drop.


Model XAS 1150 CD8
Actual free air delivery (Standard air) 950 | 1050 | 1150cfm*
Actual free air delivery (Aftercooled air) 900 | 1000 | 1100 cfm*
Working pressure 200 | 150   | 100 psi (Bar)
Working pressure range 58-225 psi (Bar)
Discharge outlet quantity  2 (1 standard / 1 aftercooled)
Discharge outlet size 2" NPT in 
Regulation system Pneumatic
Model C9.3 CAT
Displacement 9.3 L
Cylinders 6
Tier Tier 4 Final US EPA
Exhaust after-treatment CEM / DOC / DPF / SCR
HP 350
Rated speed (High) 2100 rpm
Rated speed (Low) 1300 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 116 (439) Gal (L)
Fuel Consumption @ 100% load 13.7 (51.8) Gal/hr (L/hr)  | 14 (53) Gal/hr (L/hr)  |  13.5 (51.1) Gal/hr (L/hr)
Fuel autonomy @ 100% load 8.4 Hours  | 8.3 Hours    | 8.6 Hours
DEF tank capacity 8.7 (33.6)  Gal (L)
DEF consumption @ 100% load** 0.33 (1.25) Gal/hrs
DEF autonomy @ 100% load 24 Hours
Unit dimensions - LxWxH  
Tandem trailer 198 x 82.75 x 102.5 in
Weight (Wet) 12,000 (5,443) lbs (kg)
Support mounted TBA
Weight (Wet) TBA

* measured according to ISO 1217, 2009 annex D. Dependant on ambient conditions and temperature.
** Based on estimate of 3.5% of fuel consumption. Actual amount will vary based on environmental conditions, DEF age and quality

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