Atlas Copco XAS 185 CAT

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  • Legendary HardHat® canopy
  • The air element is directly driven from the diesel engine. No gear box means less horse power required to produce the same volume of air.
  • Reliable and high performance CAT engine
  • The cooling system is designed for continuous operation in ambient conditions up to 120°F
  • Fully automatic 100% step-less speed regulator that adapts engine speed to air demand.
  • Increased altitude capability
  • The separator is equipped with a sealed high pressure safety relief valve. Inlet air is filtered through a heavy duty two stage air filter.


Compressor XAS 185 CD T4F
Actual free air delivery (FAD) 185 cfm
Normal effective working pressure 100 psi
Max. sound pressure level @ 23’ (7m)
at normal working speed & pressure
76 dB(a)
Air receiver capacity 4.5 (17) US Gal (L)
Compressor oil capacity 2.3(8.7) US Gal (L)
Air compressor outlets 2 x ¾"
Engine model Caterpillar C2.2
Displacement 134 (2.2) cu in (L)
Emissions regulation Tier 4 Final US EPA
Number of cylinders 4
Engine speed (Unloaded) 1600 rpm
Engine speed (Maximum loaded) 2800 rpm
Engine oil capacity 2.4 (9.1) US Gal (L)
Fuel tank capacity 25 (95) US Gal (L)
Fuel consumption at 100% load 2.7 (10.2) Gal/Hr (L/Hr)
Dimensions and weight (including undercarriage)  
Weight (wet) 2330 / 2150 lb
Length 127 / 78 in
Width 64 / 43 in
Height 61 / 53 in

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