Atlas Copco LPP 10 HD

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Wooden or steel posts

With hardened jaws and an automatic chain-tightening clamp, this post puller is ideal for removing all kinds of wooden or steel posts including IPE, HPE; UPE profiles and round/square steel tubes with diameters of up to 200 mm (8 in).

Got power

This post puller develops six tons of hydraulic pulling force. With the help of an optional separate hand lever, you boost the pulling force by an extra of four tons.

Compact and portable

Weighing in at just 60 kg (132 lb), it is the most compact and portable pulling device on the market. It´s perfect for on-site road repairs that cannot be accessed by heavy vehicles or excavators with a ten ton lifting capacity.


Model LPP 10 HD
Service weight 60 (132) kg (lb)
Oil flow 20-40 (5.28-10.57) l/min (gpm)
Working pressure 100-160 (1,450-2,321) bar (psi)
Max back pressure 30 (435) bar (psi)
Lift capacity per stroke 12-200 (0.4-7.8) mm (in)
Pulling force 6.000 (13,228) kg (lb)
Full pulling force 10.000 (22,046) kg (lb)
EHTMA class C/D/E
Part number 1801 8100 03

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