Safety is a top priority when it comes to the protection of an individual's life. Simply, SpanSet is here to offer safer solutions in lifting heavy loads and transporting goods. Our professional and fully tested lifting tools are built to withstand heavy equipment. 

  • spanset roundsling

    SpanSet Roundslings

    The TWINTEX® Roundsling, developed by SpanSet, Inc. is manufactured from a continuous loop of high-tenacity polyester yarn encased in a smooth, double-wall tightly woven cover without any edge seam. Because the load-bearing core yarns are encased by the cover, they are protected from cuts, abrasion, and the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays.

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  • spanset EyeEye

    Twintex Eye & Eye Roundslings

    The TWINTEX® Eye & Eye Roundslings can be used where abrasion to the sling body is a problem. An additional cover of abrasion-resistant webbing is sewn to the body of the TWINTEX® Roundsling forming a color-coded lifting eye at each end. They may be used in a vertical, choker or basket hitch.

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  • spanset braidedroundsling

    Twintex Braided Roundslings

    Constructed of three (6 parts) or four (8 parts) individual roundslings, the Braided TWINTEX® offers greater security and higher capacities than standard roundslings. If used for a special one-time lift, they can be returned to SpanSet, disassembled, inspected, proof tested,­ and tagged for individual general lifting applications.

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  • spanset multiroundsling

    Multi-Leg Roundslings

    Available in single, double, triple, and quadruple leg configurations. Twintex® multi-leg bridle slings are easy to use and provide better load control and balance.

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  • spanset magnumforce

    Magnum Force High Performance Roundslings

    Magnum Force Roundslings for Heavy Duty High Capacity Performance

    – Up to 50% lighter than conventional round slings for even better manual handling 
    – Up to 50% slimmer than conventional round slings 
    – Can be laid against tighter edge radii than conventional PES slings 
    – Shackle and hardware interface is therefore less crowded 

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  • spanset Websling


    The PowerPlus nylon Web Sling brings the height of today’s lifting technology to the job. This sling is another European engineering success, intro - duced to the United States by SpanSet. With thermoplastic beading, your sling’s edges are protected against cuts and tears when lift - ing abrasive loads in the harshest environments. Cordura™ reinforced eyes prevent damage from lifting hooks.

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  • spanset jokerhooks

    Joker Hooks

    Get connected in seconds with the Joker sling hitch. It's simple, safe and extremely versatile. Simply thread the roundsling to the Joker without the need for tools. Then attach the Joker to the lifting point of the load. Now place the TWINTEX® or Rigger's Choice Roundsling over the crane hook and you're ready to lift.

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  • spanset stageslings

    Stage Slings

    These lightweight roundslings are ideal for easy and inconspicuous suspension of stage sound and lighting equipment. Black sleeve material helps the sling blend into its surroundings. The load bearing member of our Steel-Tex round sling is made of galvanized steel aircraft cable wound in an endless configuration. The wire core is encased in a heavy black polyester cover.

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  • spanset cargonets

    Cargo Nets

    The ultimate strength of the nylon webbing is fully utilized in a unique method of interslotted construction. This method ensures strong mesh and frame intersections and junctions, equal to the breaking strength of the webbing itself. In the event of damage to the net, the design provides for redistribution of stresses to adjacent webbings, thus localizing the extent of damage. The nylon slotted net does not depend on the stitching itself, for its strength characteristics.

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  • spanset axzionhooks

    Axzion J Hooks

    The J-Hook is simply attached to the flange of the tower segment and the tower segment can then be lifted. During the turning process, the robust stop device hooks behind the flange, and all contact surfaces are equipped with the robust secutex impact protection (PUR). The J-Hook securely “rolls” into the top position of the pipe segment. The hook has two rounded teeth with rotating embedded secutex pipe modules for this purpose.

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  • spanset taps

    Axzion TAPs

    TAP - The New Attachment Point for Tower Segments Higher performance installations offshore use ever heavier tower segments for wind turbines. The lifting brackets developed in the past are no longer strong enough; the usual three attachment screws are no longer enough to ensure lifting capacity. Limit plates with four or more single pressure-tap holes must be additionally fitted to each flange, and these heavy construction solutions can only be handled with the aid of a crane.

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Cargo Control
  • spanset loadgard winch

    LoadGard Winch Strap

    (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH) (LE)

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  • spanset loadguard2in

    LoadGard 2" Ratchet Strap

    2" Ratchet Assemblies with Long, Wide Handle LoadGard™ Yellow Standard Treated Webbing For short narrow handle add "SH" to the part number. (Example: 10R27FHYSH) For short wide handle add "WH" to the part number. (Example: 10R27FHYWH) Longer lengths or specially made assemblies available

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  • spanset loadgard 3inrat

    LoadGard 3" Ratchet Strap

    3" Ratchet Assemblies - Extra Heavy Duty LoadGard™ Yellow Standard Treated Webbing. (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH)

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  • spanset 4inrat

    LoadGard 4" Ratchet Strap

    4" Ratchet Assemblies - Extra Heavy Duty LoadGard™ Yellow Standard Treated Webbing. (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH)

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  • spanset weargard

    WearGard Winch Strap

    WearGard™ Orange Premium PVC Impregnated Webbing. (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH)

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  • spanset weargard2

    WearGard Ratchet Strap 2"

    2" Ratchet Assemblies - Extra Heavy Duty WearGard™ Orange Premium PVC Impregnated Webbing.

    (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH) (J HOOK)

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  • spanset weargard3

    WearGard Ratchet Strap 3"

    3" Ratchet Assemblies - Extra Heavy Duty WearGard™ Orange Premium PVC Impregnated Webbing For short narrow handle add "SH" to the part number. (Example: 10R27FHSH) For short wide handle add "WH" to the part number. (Example: 10R27FHWH) Longer lengths or specially made assemblies available.

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  • spanset weargard4

    WearGard Ratchet Strap 4"

    4" Ratchet Assemblies - Extra Heavy Duty WearGard™ Orange Premium PVC Impregnated Webbing.

    (FH) (DR) (CG) (TH)

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  • spanset abs


    2" ABS™ Controlled Release Ratchet Tiedown System LoadGard™ Blue Standard Treated Webbing SpanSet's ABS Controlled Release Ratchet Tiedown System gives the operator total control of the load both during load securement and release.

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  • spanset spanloc


    SpanLoc™ Cargo Bar - Heavy Duty Steel. SpanLoc™ Cargo Bar - Jack-Style Cargo Bars

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  • spanset internalvan

    Internal Van Straps

    SpanSet's internal van tiedowns are designed with spring loaded E-Clips for use with all standard E-Track. Fittings for F-Track are available upon request. SpanSet's premium grade internal van tiedowns use 2" wide webbing. They are color coded to length for quick and easy identification.

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  • spanset logseries

    Logistics Track Series

    10 ft. Horizontal HET-10

    10 ft. Vertical VET-10

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  • spanset decking


    Beams, Wood Beam Socket, Door Pull Strap

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  • spanset vehiclerecovery

    Vehicle Recovery Products

    Automobile Tiedowns, Wheel Bonnet, Interior Van Custom Nets

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  • spanset ut tiedowns

    Utility Tiedowns

    1" Ratchet Assemblies (2,500 lb webbing), 1" Ratchet Assemblies (4,000 lb webbing), 1 3/8" Ratchet Buckle Assembly, 2" Ratchet Buckle Assembly, 1" Cam Buckle Assembly

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  • spanset acc


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Fall Protection
  • spanset harnesses


    USUNI0, USUNI1, US1100, US1101, US1104, US1120, US1121, USWORKA, USCLIMA-L, USCLIMA-T, USCLIMA-P, US1600, US1901, USRES-E, USRIG-P

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