Construction Equipment Service Technician

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Construction Equipment Service Technician

St. Louis, Missouri USA


Experience is required.
Training is provided.

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Category: Service
Industry: Construction/Industrial
Status: Full Time

Construction Equipment Service Technician (Full Time)

Pat Kelly Equipment Co. is looking for a dynamic, self-motivated construction equipment service technician with a strong work ethic who will thrive in a small business environment. A service technician is primarily responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of light to heavy construction machinery. A technician will work independently and cohesively with other employees and departments to troubleshoot, repair, and service various types of heavy machinery used in the construction and utility industry. Tasks will differ day to day. Most regularly technicians diagnose defects in heavy duty equipment, observe or monitor objects to determine compliance with prescribed operating or safety standards, install replace or adjust filters, belts or similar objects to maintain equipment, and make skillful, controlled manipulations of small objects to repair equipment. This position requires heavy lifting and standing for extended periods of time. We are looking for an experienced technician with heavy equipment knowledge specifically skilled in the fields of hydraulics, electronics, and diesel engine repair. A Class E commercial driver's license (CDL) or better required.

Skills Requirements:

Attention to Detail: Some parts need to be in the exact right place, or they will not work. Being able to pay attention to the minute details of heavy equipment repair will be necessary.
Strength: Heavy is in the name of the job. Some equipment can be extremely heavy and will take a lot of strength to move or manipulate.
Mechanical Skills: will need familiarity with parts and components of complex machinery and engines, as well as the tools to fix them.
Technical Skills: will need to be familiar with electronics and be able to read blueprints, or use electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot repairs.
Manual Dexterity: Good hands and great hand-eye coordination help heavy equipment mechanics be successful.
Troubleshooting Skills: will need to be able to look at mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, identify problems, and think about possible solutions
Must be able to remain in a standing position for extended periods of time.
Must be capable of lifting arms above shoulder level to install and remove components as well as bend or stoop repeatedly over time.
Must be capable of manipulating tools in areas of limited spaces.
Must be able to move heavy objects fifty pounds or more long distances.
Embodies a teamwork mentality to work cohesively with other employees
Eagerness to learn from peers and equipment manufacturers
Works safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.
Capable of being able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions in the English language.
Capable of completing forms to record or report information in standard format as specified by the form.
Possesses a basic knowledge of computer skills and Microsoft Office software.
Efficient when it comes to reading, understanding and applying information from charts, graphs, and manuals.


In-shop position with some field work
Union Job with union benefits

Education/Training Requirements:

High School education and some post secondary education or relevant field experience required. Training will be provided on the job. Certain industry service certifications may be provided when necessary.

Experience Requirements:

Expected to perform incidental welding operations on equipment and is required to have some welding knowledge as well as experience in the field.
Communicates any unsafe conditions or accidents/injuries in a timely manner to the supervisor in order to facilitate prompt correction or reporting.
Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.
Knows the hazards of his job and is trained in safety precautions of the trade.

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